Need help! PS3 won't display on SDTV!

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Well, I used to play my PS3 on an old SDTV by connecting my PS3 to SDTV via AV cable (3 colors, red, yellow, white) but then I connected my PS3 to my cousin's HDTV via HDMI cable to update my system. Then I brought my PS3 back and connected it to my old same SDTV via AV cable but this time, the TV won't display neither picture or sound. It's so weird so I bought HDMI cable and connected my PS3 to my step-dad's HDTV and it worked. I tried to connect my PS3 to HDTV via AV cable but nothing displayed again. I don't know how to solve this. Anyone encountered similar problem or know where i should ask for help please tell me! I can't use that HDTV because it's not mine so all my PS3 gaming is put on hold. :(

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Well I think you gottahold the power button for a while when turning the ps3 on, so it can ''adjust'' to the tv. I know this because my friend has an HDTV and when I go back home I have to do this on my tv to display.

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When you turn on your PS3, hold the power button on the console. Wait like 5 secs until it beeps again. The settings should be reset and you should see and hear the PS3 on the TV.

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Yea hold down the power button for 10 seconds or so, this should reset the PS3 so it should work for your TV.

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yea, when you turn your PS3 on, hold the power button for a few seconds (like 5)

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Thanks a lot! U guys are my saviors! I can't find the manual so much that's why I need to ask u guys! :D
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It's because your system's video output was stuck on HDMI and you forgot to switch it back to regular AV before you moved it to the new tv. But if you press and hold the button for 30 seconds or so, it should restore it to factory settings. But...=( it will wipe your console clean.