Need help on how to hook up ps3 to surround sound.

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I've been wanting to do this for a long time, i hope i'll be able to do it. I have a Jvc Rx-6010V Audio/Video surround system. When i tried to hook it up to the ps3, i used the red and white wires, to plug them into the back of the surround sound. And when i do so, there is no sound at all. Is there something i did wrong? Obviously...but i don't know what, can someone please explain?
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Are the audio settings on the ps3 set to stereo audio? If you have HDMI video, it auto sets to HDMI. Are you sure this is an input and not an output? (Some people don't realize) Do you have an optical jack on your receiver? You may want to use that instead... Way better fidelity. Composite Stereo audio will only blast stereo and not surround sound anyway.
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Whats an obtical Jack? and no I don't have HDMI.
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K nvm i figured what it was, where do i plug the obtical cable in?
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 Optical jack is the one in between the Ethernet and Av-multi out. The optical on your television should look basically the same.
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if you're going to buy an optical or any other kind of cables go with monoprice or Monster is overpriced POS.