Naughty Dog Lead Character Artist Frank Tzeng ”Helping develop a unannounced AAA game title”

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This is not really much but I thought I’d share, I saw this on LinkedIn on the profile of Frank Tzeng, who is a Lead Character Artist for Naughty Dog.

I’m mostly posting this in reference to the new Sony studio that is seemingly being built in San Diego, planning a 3rd person action-adventure AAA game with motion capture etc. The report first came from Resetera back in April of 2018.

And it stated that they would pursue their planned project in collaboration with a Major Sony Studio, many speculating that this could be for one or more Uncharted games, which would then mean that the collaboration is with Naughty Dog, allowing them to possibly work on a new IP after TLOU 2.

I bet we won’t know much for like a year or so, because whatever it is, it would be for the next generation. It also seem to be in the beginning of the process, and they have kept things very secret for it to just be a ’new’ game in my opinion but I don’t know. I thought it added a little more fire to the speculation that the ’Major Sony Studio’ could be Naughty Dog. It’s also to be noted that Quentin Cobb is a major part of this new San Diego studio, Senior Game Designer and he used to work for Naughty Dog.

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I heard this may be a sci-fi outer space game.

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Good to see Sony preparing for life without the last of us and uncharted. Both series are not lasting forever so good move to plan ahead which ms haven't done over the years.

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Curious. I wonder what this new project will entail.