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Hello to the beatifull community of GAMESPOT.


I own a ps3 and im playing online games with it and i have a huge problem with NAT type


Games listed below with NAT's

AC3 AKA Assassin's creed 3/Moderate/strict nat and having bad communication with players (they are teleporting always and i cant play with couple of friends)

RDR AKA Red Dead Redemption/Strict NAT i cant join a lot of friends and it throws me everytime when i go to a free roam session and heavy lag nat fault.

So how do i fix this? i have not tried anythin at all just a wireless connection from my router to my ps3 100% signal

Ps3 options all automatically connected to my router


My router's manufacturer and ID D-link DSL-2680 

My router's statistics 

Mode:ADSL2Type:ANNEX_AStatus:Showtime  DownstreamUpstreamRate (Kbps):6403 kbps935 kbps SNR Margin (dB):7.79.6Attenuation (dB):41.222.7Output Power (dBm):18.711.3 Super Frames:68160326816040RS Correctable Errors:47790RS Uncorrectable Errors:4678942 HEC Errors:328020Total Cells:7282974564Data Cells:3658109418096941Bit Errors:00 

The router is updated to the newest firmware out there so what i do?


If i enable DMZ what are the benefits will i get OPEN-NAT on all games/psn?

Port forwarding what will it help?

What is the best way to get OPEN-NAT in all games? Also forgot to mention that in my router it has a built in firewall that is enabled at default



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Its been a while since i seen or had this problem, hence i dont remember exactly how. What i do remember is you are having a Firewall issue, try disabling the firewall from your router to free up the connection to your PS3, i am sure you can find Youtube videos of how to disable firewalls on your router or wireless service. Goodluck

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So if i disable my firewall on my router isnt that insecure?