Name 1 title you would replay for PS3 and Why ?

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Heavy Rain. I remember playing it when it came out and it was amazing to me. It took me about a good week or so to grab my hands on it but I remember when everyone was talking about it non stop on the PS3 forums when it came out. There were endless topics and spoilers, everyone's experiences on their play throughs, and there were members on this site randomly posting on topics that weren't even about the game exposing who was the killer. I had to give this game a go.

I ended up finally getting the sony exclusive in my hands. I think I got it used. . I really can't remember how I ended up getting that game since around the time I was only a minor and it was getting heavy reviews about nude scenes and etc. After finally playing through the game and completing it I was in shock. I ended up getting a good ending BUT. . Technically it wasn't good enough due to the smallest decision out of all decisions. . lol.

How about you guys ?

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Even though I've already plat'd it, Demon's Souls. It's purely the best rpg on the system, strategic gameplay, astounding atmosphere, fantastic lore. Favorite game of all time.

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Mass effect 2 because its one of the best games of all time.

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@NoirLamia777 said:

Even though I've already plat'd it, Demon's Souls. It's purely the best rpg on the system, strategic gameplay, astounding atmosphere, fantastic lore. Favorite game of all time.

I was going to, but I changed my mind only because I lost all of my data including the 5 NG+ playthroughs. So that was total of six play thrus and I unlocked all achievements.

@marcheegsr said:

Mass effect 2 because its one of the best games of all time.

I just got ME1. I still have yet to play that and part three. I know, it's crazy. But I don't want to rush into it. I want to progress thru it properly including the DLC so I could successfully finish up the trilogy.

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I've replayed most of my favorite PS3 games a number of times, in fact it's hard to think of anything that I would want to replay that I haven't already. Probably Yakuza 4 (Although I've played the hell out of this game, most of it has been after I beat the main story mood and I haven't replayed it yet). It actually had a very good story, but there's so much other stuff to do in the game that I never got around to replaying it all of the way through again.

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PS3 was lacking in games... so Dark Sector just to slice stupid screeching enemies into pieces with that boomerang weapon.

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Hard to pick just 1....

Uncharted Series

God of Wars

Arkham Batman's

Red Dead/ GTA

Infamous seriesMortal Kombat 9

Rayman Origins

Last of Us

Grand Theft Auto 5


ANd i haven't even jumped into: Assassians creed, Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, Demon/Dark Souls yet! This generation has been pretty impressive. It will be interesting to see if PS4 and continue the momentum.

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For me the decision is easy: Unchared 2. I've already replayed it over and over again; never losses its luster for me.

Game of the last generation as far as I'm concerned, and quite possibly my favorite game of all time.

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mass effect trilogy

last of us

read dead

bioshock infinite

this dick........

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GTA 4/5

Red dead

God of War 3

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I've replayed Uncharted 2 a number of times even tho I've platinum'ed it. The only other game that I would play even after I've done everything in it is The Last of Us. All the other games I've played have already been traded in to Gamestop or are sitting in a drawer likely never to be played again...PS3 wise anyway.

Maybe ME3. There are a few games that I can get a plat with a few things to do, such as beating ME2 on Insanity or finishing GoW 3 on ..whatever that hardest difficulty was.

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Demon's Souls, because it is awesome.

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Most multiplats I got on my 360 (Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption), but as far as PS3 exclusives go: for me it's a 4 way tie between Valkyria Chronicles, God Of War 3, Uncharted 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Uncharted 2, both were the best campaign game play experiences for me.

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It's been a long time since I've posted but this title was calling me: Last of Us or Beyond Two Souls. Both incredible games, visually, story, and gameplay.

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Mass Effect trilogy, that is all