My ps3 keeps restoring.

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I started my ps3 today but it didn't come past that blue scree nstarting sequence it always has. I had this a couple times before and every time I just restarted my PS3 and it worked fine again. but when I did that this time it just happened again and when I did it again, it said my hard disk's file system is corrupted and it needs to be restored. So I did that but when it was done, it restarted and said the same thing again, and that just repeats every time. I had this before and then I needed to reformat my ps3, and I lost all my saves, now Im finally back to where I was in RDR and now it happens again. Is there anything I can do except reformatting again?(BTW, I replaced my hdd with an 500gb HDD I bought in a store, don't know if that matters) thanks.
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Could this be the HDD issues that the latest firmware introduced? Im not sure, try manually downloading the latest update from interent and installing it from pendrive.
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from what I heard, that firmware issue doesn't even let you replace the HDD, while I've played with the new HDD for a while, and I think I already had the HDD installed when the firmware patch came up.
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It might be your hard drive and a error made during the initial disk formatting. Id save all your data on a usb stick and reformat. Ofcouse you said you didnt wanna do that.
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yeah I now did a full format because I didn't knew anything else to do, now Im just hoping it doesn't happen again :S
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do you still have your old drive? try putting that in and see if it does the same thing