My original 60GB "Fat" PS3 still works perfectly.

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I've had this for over 7 yrs and not once did I have to take it in. Just for the hell of it I finally decided to give it a solid cleaning and replace the old thermal paste with some decent stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if it lasted another 7 yrs. Did I get lucky, or is this pretty common?

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my 60gb fat ps3 still works fine too. so does my 20gb launch 360... never had a problem with either of them

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The only thing I've done to mine is upgrade the hdd! But to be honest it's not my main PS3 I do most of my gaming on the Slim.

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Still have mine too, but I game on the PS3 Slim these to give my 60GB a break. Upgraded a few PS3s to a Terabyte as well.

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mine still works too but i hardly use it anymore.

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I've had the later 80GB PS3 for over 5 and a half years now. I know it's not nearly as vulnerable to failure as the 60GB, but it's nice that I'm having no problems with it. I think that should be expected, I don't think consoles are meant to die after 5-10 years.

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I have a last issue of the Playstation 3 60Giger "Phat" March 30th 2007 just before Sony pulled the plug on the original SKU's. The epic spouse has a November 17th 2006 launch model PS3 60Giger Phat. But that console was repaired with new thermal paste. This repaired PS3 hasn't died on my epic spouse yet. My Phat 60 Giger hasn't died on me. So yep, Some of the PS3 60Gigers are very well built.

In contrast the launch model of the Superslim PS3 250Giger that I bought died on me. 21 days after I bought it. This was the only time I had a PS3 die on me. I've had a 40Giger phat, 120Giger PS3 slim, Both bought brand new when these models launched. And sold when I upgraded to PS3 60GB Phat and PS3 320GB Slim.

But the superslim just died after 21 days. I exchanged it for another one.

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@emgesp: damn,really 7 years?! can i get a tips "how to take care my ps3? " please....

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Mine is still kicking too. It's one of the original 500,000 with the Talladega Nights blu-ray packed in. I upgraded the HDD about a year or two in and it's been my main gaming device up until I got my PS4. Well traveled too since I've been in 3 different states over the past 7.5 years. Fan can get pretty loud these days but it still works fine.

As far as tips go, I didn't really do anything special except making sure it had room to breathe on whatever shelf it was on and that there wasn't a lot of dust build up on or around the console.

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My 80 GB still works too.

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My tips on how to get the most out of your 60GB PS3.

1. Make sure it is placed in a well ventilated area. I just have mine sitting on top of my entertainment center. Most people usually have them tucked away in one of the shelving slots which is less ventilated.

2. Try not to play hours on end every single day. Give the console some rest once in awhile.

3. Give it a good cleaning every couple of years and definitely replace the stock thermal paste with something like Arctic Silver 5.

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Well, something alot of people do that ruins these systems are shoving it into an entertainment center or too close to a wall, then it overheats because the heat coming out of the fans hits the wall and simply goes right back into the PS3. The wall doesn't absorb it... lol.

The Yellow Line represents a wall.

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@sandmand12 said:

@emgesp: damn,really 7 years?! can i get a tips "how to take care my ps3? " please....

I'm sure my ps1 works if I dig it out the closet. The best kept secret on keeping a console alive is... not playing it!!

Ps3 with emotion engine from 07 Jan. still works. Its kind of loud now and needs some cleaning and pasting.

x360 Elite launch. My brother got it, croaked upon boot up, exchanged it same day. That console went on to live for another 4-5 years before it croaked too. Reliable as American cars *ba dum tss*.

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i actually brought my one out of mothballs after a couple of years (long story). just started ni no kuni and intend to go on a bit of a game raid soon enough (ah to hell with reducing the backlog :P). so far so good.

i havent played it a huge amount over the years so that probably helps. i also have it well ventilated so air flow is not an issue.

i have noticed the bottom right of the console still gets pretty hot though.

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@emgesp: what if i play 4 hours per day then i give it a rest just 2 or 3 hours,then i played it for 3 hours is it ok?

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Funny thing is this weekend I am getting a used on rather cheap, only so I can have it when The Evil Within launches and next year when Resident Evil Remake HD launches.

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Mine died a couple years ago I think. I still have it, but haven't gotten around to fix it or sell it. The console itself is in pretty poor shape. The cover for the media slots broke off and the plastic corner near the power button is bent upward. It worked for a long time though. Just trying to figure out if it's worth the price to fix it.

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I never owned a 60GB, but I did buy a 40GB and it was the biggest p.o.s. It had numerous problems. Luckily most were covered under warranty by Sony, but still it was a pain having to send it back numerous times, and be without a system. It was never kept in an enclosed area so it wasn't an overheat issue.

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My friend had to send his 20GB Non B/C (The one without WIfi) system in several times for overheating problems.

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i cannot believe that people still own the original "fat" PS3.

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you make it seem like most of them are defective lol. I would say that maybe 20% of them are probably broken, a lot of people still have them working perfectly.

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Good to hear your PS3 has done you well. My original fat went out (amber light of death), and I replaced it with a slim that is going strong. I did did get a PS4 to keep it company.

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mine probably would have worked but I think some douche I used to hang out with from work sabotaged it. When it launched I bought one and he and his wife didn't have one, so I used to take it over for them to try out, once I crashed on their couch while he was playing it, and woke up... he was over by my PS3 hooked up to their 'standard non-HD tv' tampering with it, I didn't think anything of it until I got home early in the morning and when I started it up the next day it was DEAD. I never trusted him after that... but I also caught the guy rummaging through my leather coat inner pocket in our break room at work lol, yeah never trust a thief, once a worthless bum, always a worthless bum.

It was sabotaged 14 months after launch, right before MGS4 originally came out, I was so pissed I refused to pay $130 to fix a $600 console, that would be almost $800 to play MGS4. I ended up selling a bunch of shit, losing a bunch of games and my original PSP just to get enough to buy the then newer 40GB? model... which still works. I refused to spend another penny out of pocket so just sold all that crap to get the new one.

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My 2008 Xbox 360 works perfectly as well. Nothing to freak out over.