My new games won't work!

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I pre-ordered and purchased two new games at the end of October for PS3 and haven't been able to play either one.

Before buying these 2 new games (Marvel Lego and Arkham Origins), the last time I had played my system was April 8. So when I turned it on to play the new games, I had to do a system update.

When I try to play Marvel Lego, it gets stuck on the loading trophies screen at 79% every time. When it gets to 79%, I can hear the disc moving and the music and sound of the "start" screen can be heard but the visual stays on the status bar. I've tried leaving it for more than 30 minutes and nothing changes. I even took the game back to the store and got a brand new copy. Same result. Stuck at 79%.

When I try to play Arkham Origins, I got through the first level. Then there's a cut scene laying out the story of the game and the screen goes black after the cut scene and never comes back on.

I've tried erasing all game and saved data from my PS3 for both games with no luck. All of my old games work fine. Does this have something to do with the system update? It's not the games, right? I've been trying to contact customer support for a month but they are clearly not available during the hours they list on the website.

Please help!