My anime videos has no sound

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I just learnt that one can play videos in ps3

So me who's an otaku eagerly injected an

Anime videos there via USB

So after copying I played one of em anime

Shockingly it doesn't give any sound but it displays the video

I tried checking one of my games to see if it's a hardware issue or something like that but it's perfectly fine (sound, video etc)

I'm wondering if it's a file problem but my PC played it just fine

Here's the details of the video

File type :mp4

Size:1.2 GB

Length: 30'43"

Res:1080 by 1920

Video codec:AVC 5.1 MBPS

Audio codec:AAC 384 KBPS

I'm starting to think that it's incompatibility issue so I really need help right now

If it turns out incompatible what should I do to make it compatible

Thanks in advance

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@satomirovin: Convert the file to a PS3 compatible file, the problem is the audio codec.