Must have feature for Playstation 5

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I think a must have feature for next gen consoles like playstation 5. Is the ability to play games immediately when purchased. No download or install time. And no loading times. Do you think this will really happen in the next generation

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@sayuta: Nope, will never happen.

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Powerful enough that we wont need a mid gen upgrade. I honestly wouldnt mind if the price is higher then $400 to guaranteed this.

4k bluray player.

Elite style controller comes with the system.


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By the time it releases I'd expect it to play games in actual 4K and be able to play 4k blurays no problem. And as far as features... I dunno, just keep or add on to what the PS4 has I guess. I'm always more interested in games. But at this point I'm not even that interested in a new console anytime soon, especially when games on the PS4 are looking and playing really well. And I have a Pro so I'm especially not worried about bigger, future games not running very well on it.

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FVCKING QUIET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BC and no more hidden installment patches/updates in order to play online - its so annoying.

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ps4 pro came out with a downclocked rx 480 (with performance closer to rx 470 than 480) and with optimization in some games results were quite good.

what I want from ps5: well first...

I think rx 660 670 680 are almost here.

sony also said they will work for the next 3 years to make ps5 so it will arrive 2021 october (Im almost sure on release date).

Now.. rx 760 760 780 in theory should arrive 2 years after rx 600 series. also 700 series should be the famous next gen gpu series named "navy".

So ps5 should arrive with rx 780 gpu in 2021 october making it quite adept at 1440p 60fps and 4k 60fps (depending on game).

What Id like to see would be a day 1 crossfire option (named ps5 pro) simply putting: 2 x rx 780 crossfire pro model that will benefict some games greatly.

ps5 rx 780 : 499€

ps5 2 x rx 780: 699€ ( as we all know consoles make profit on games and services so these prices are quite possible)

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To all the people wanting BC, it will NEVER happen, do you think Sony would have wasted 100 million on PSNow?

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Good games ... you know games you would go back play it because it was actually good... oh and fucking unlockable instead of just stupid trophies for finding useless shit.

There is nothing worth it to find in game anymore and there is no reason to replay them either ... it is always about the reaction and the wow factor that is fucking gone on the second play ...

I'm kind of sick of games right now I think but people like that shit they've been serving since the Xbox360

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That would mean streaming and that's a big no-no. Streaming videogames sucks, no matter how good you think your internet speed is and you need REALLY GOOD speed at that!

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4k blu ray player and BC with PS4.

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All games to run at 60fps, I don't care about native 4k, sacrifice a bit of graphics for better performance. And of course more and more exclusives.

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Statistics feature. More specifically, where you can see how long you've spent on a game.

Another thing I'd like which is not really a feature, but I'd like the UI and the store to run smoother with no stuttering.

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Backwards compatibility although that feels unlikely. If they insist on keeping PS Now I would really like to see a download option for those like myself with a somewhat unreliable internet connection, I would probably subscribe if they had this. (At the time of writing I believe this is rumoured to be happening so thats great).

Crossplay would be nice. I'm pretty sure they have a kind of crossplay already with PC, I play Final fantasy XIV online via PC and after talking to people around the starting areas it turns out some of them are Playstation players. I'm pretty sure this is considered crossplay, and I'd love to see more of it even if it were only with PC (although it would obviously be great to play with players on other consoles).

Bigger and prettier games which i'm sure they'll deliver on.

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10 TB or more storage room

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1. Powerful enough to run games at ultra settings 1800p 60fps with rooms for more.

Why not 4k? Personally 1800p is the more believable target and keep it under $400.

2. Able to play legacy titles.

I its not a dealbreaker if cant but at least let me play ps4 games (and older) while waiting in that 1st year game drought.

3. Very good compression

Games file is getting bigger.

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@GTR12: It was happening back in the 80s.

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@sealionact said:

@GTR12: It was happening back in the 80s.

So you're saying Tetris, Asteroids and Pong all loaded instantly with no welcome screen or any such screen in-between loading to trick you?