Multiple ps4s and ps+ plus account?

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So I bought my kids a ps4 for Xmas so I can use mine in peace and quiet i have a ps+ Account for mine. can I link this new ps4 with the kids account all under 1 ps+ subscription or do I need to get them a separate subscription?

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Yea you can....what you do is on THIER ps4 you first log in your name and.activate it as your PRIMARY ps4. Then create the other.accounts 2nd for.your kids....then u can log in your ps4 with your name BUT remember it might ask u to activate and make YOUR ps4 the primary one. Make sure u skip or don't make your system the primary. But the kids ps4 your name should be the primary on their system. Hope I was clear...... basically what I did on my ps4 has my wife as primary and on my wife's ps4 I have my psn as my primary...... so the kids never need to log in ur account on THIER ps4 unless ur downloading a game for them that u bought under ur name then u can log off and log in THEIR. Name so they can use the game. and on ours well it's only ur name so ull Be fine

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@JoKeR_421: I think I understand thanks