Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Sydney Ad hoc party

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Hi all, I'm just curious if there are a lot (a few, which ever comes first) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (MHFU) players out there that are based in Sydney, Australia. If there are enough of us it'd be cool to organize an Ad hoc party, I'm kinda bored of Xlink Kai already, =P Anyway if you play MHFU and are based in Sydney, leave a message. Include what MHFU Region you have (US / EURO) I believe there are issues in regards to Ad hoc compatibility between EURO and US versions of MHFU. I'm using a US version of MHFU by the way. With any luck we can organize an Ad hoc party, hunt some monsters and chug down a couple beers while we're at it. Cheers
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Im currently studying in Melbourne and no i woudl rather play onlien via xlink kai thanks to the Major H1N1 or Swine Flu cases in Australia.


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LoL, to each their own I suppose. Good luck with that dude, hehe... ;D
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Hi I live in Sydney If u r still keen on playing Mhfu tell me a time and would love to play .if u have A ps3 you don't have meet up just communicate and We can team up online I am bit experienced but I'm not looking for professional players just want to have fun with online play MSG back ??