Minecraft has sold 1 million

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Pretty impressive i have to say. It's not been out that long either


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Well deserved.

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I wonder how many of those bought it purely for the easy platinum.

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@Lhomity said:

I wonder how many of those bought it purely for the easy platinum.

Probably a lot of them, but there are a lot of kids that play this game

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Yeah, i'm surprised actually! like ofcourse i knew it was big but like i thought that it was past it peak in gaming... like i thought it was dying down already/

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Pretty successful for a kickstarter project, wouldn't you say?

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@Lhomity said:

I wonder how many of those bought it purely for the easy platinum.

The majority of gamers don't really care about that, so I doubt that many. Minecraft has a ridiculously large audience as it is, so easy trophies are probably an insignificant factor into bringing more players to the game.

Anyway, I've never really played Minecraft and I probably won't understand all the fuss until I give it a try. But I don't really plan on doing that anytime soon, if at all.

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@SoNin360: Trophy hunters may be a minority, but I wouldn't underestimate them. There are quite a lot of them who go after easy plats, many of them games they wouldn't otherwise touch. Look at games like Spare Parts, Terminator Salvation, NCIS, Hannah Montana, etc.

Of course, Minecraft has a much, much bigger following than just the trophy hunters. No disputing that.





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@Lhomity: Oh, I understand. I've been there before. I'm just saying they're an insignificant factor. Maybe less so for games like Hannah Montana that isn't going to have any sort of popularity in the first place. But looking at some overall trophy data, a surprisingly large portion of people don't even bother finishing their games. And a much smaller fraction of those who do even attempt to go after all the trophies.

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Anyone know if a disc based version of the game is headed to the PS3 or Vita anytime soon?