MGS phantom pain video of gameplay

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I am amazed how ign and gamespot don't get this videos. It shows the deploy of balloon. I hope this stuff isn't used all the time because it could get gimmicky just like the cardboard box. The cardboard box is so advance that you can run around with it all the time and never have to sneak since you can pop out and shoot and use it as a decoy. But i am loving all the options. It does seem unrealistic that a balloon that size can lift a large crate. I love MGS but I am trying to objective.

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@ewalthour: looks good love the graphics, i love the fact we have a base, and in this one is where snake turns into being the evil villian, I do hope in the next game we get solid snake vs big boss, as you never find out what happens to big boss in the first mgs on ps1

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I loved the song they used during the E3 video. Epic.