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#1 Posted by IPwnNooBs666 (1425 posts) -
Hey people. I'm relatively new to PSN and I'm looking to make some new friends. My PSN ID is Doc4000. I'll accept almost any request (no lunatics or head-cases please, lol). Also, what's a great game to play online on PSN? Is Call Of Duty 4 any good? Peace!
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#2 Posted by XxAnubisxX (4978 posts) -
CoD4 is great especially if you haven't played it yet... I'm waiting for SOCOM for my big jump start into online gaming again. Unfortunately due to these 12 hour shifts I've been on I can't tell you how great MGSO is but I'm sure it's awesome... the beta was
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#3 Posted by K1LLR3175 (12734 posts) -
Yeah people love Call of duty 4 online and singleplayer.You might want to check out the official PSN ID thread at the top of the page.
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#4 Posted by gamesbeater (140 posts) -

add me : icbeirut

nd yeah cod4 offers the best online experience.. looking forward for cod5

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#5 Posted by wicked1992 (50 posts) -
can add me too, Ratguts and CoD4 is killa online
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#6 Posted by IPwnNooBs666 (1425 posts) -
Thanks guys. I'll be sure to add all of you.
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#7 Posted by snoopy248 (388 posts) -

My PSN is snoopypup248

And a great online game is Metal Gear Online and Call of Duty 4.

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#8 Posted by franky_babylon (1117 posts) -
feel free to add me PSN tag is Gods_Blasphemy just like the sig, its hard to meet peeps on PS3 cause few peeps have a mic and others are afraid to socialize because of annoying peeps with a mic, so even though your connected you feel like your off line playing with bots.
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#9 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -
i play cod4 at friends its one of the games that dosnt have hiches in the online so ya cod4
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#10 Posted by SethSOMT (1067 posts) -

Add me as well!

And COD4 is great for online, but I have to say that I like Warhawk even more for it (none the less, I still do play CoD4).

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#11 Posted by Mike5589 (183 posts) -

Crap, I can't think of my PSN name right off the bat.

When I hook my PS3 back up to the internet I'll put it on here.

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#12 Posted by Kuro-san (80 posts) -
You can add me too, I've got Warhawk, MGO, and COD4. PSN ID is Kurozen.
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#13 Posted by Marno00 (29 posts) -
You can add me if you want, but I won't be on until this weekend and right now I can only play MGO and I am planning on getting Warhawk.
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#14 Posted by Midevilatheart (57 posts) -
hello,ipwnNooBs666,my screen name is midevil at heart,im new at this too! im on eastern time zone,and play from 8pm-2am just about every night,and yes dutty4 is great if you like first person shooters!
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#15 Posted by armedcor (25 posts) -
Hey man you can add me as well my psn is Zippy_Flippy