looking to get a ps3

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hi guys im a i guess more of an xbox guy then a ps3 but im looking to buy one so i was just wondering were a good place to buy one for cheap would be would gamestop be a good place

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That depends where you are located. To be perfectly honest I don't recommend purchasing used hardware, for the warranty reasons alone. At least here in Canada, I have seen 160GB PS3 models being on sale this week for 229$ brand new which also comes with some games bundled.

It's a pretty good deal and it's worth spending little extra money for new product you know will work. I would look around your regular electronic boutiques: Future Shop, Best Buy, Gamestop, etc. As long as you get your proper warranty and the system is new. Good luck. :)

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Best value for your money would be the 160gbnew system. Gamestop I suppose would be the easiest route of buying it.

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the thing is, if you can wait the PS4 should be coming out this fall, and it's rumored that they're going to keep the price down to $350 coming out of the gate.

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If you don't care a lot about storage you can get PS3s for as low as $150 used at Gamestop. The new ones with the most storage usually run about $250 new but they often go on sale, so I'd keep an eye out.

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you are so late and there are way too many good games, wats the point in getting one now. You missed up bro
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Your best bet at this point would be to just get a PS3 for the exclusives. There are a good handful but the ones that stand out are the Uncharted series, God of War 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, the Ico/Shadow HD collection, and there are a few others still yet to be released. The one that really has been standing out so far is The Last of Us.

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Amazon are pretty good.

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A new PS3 160Giger Slim can be bought at Shopers right now for $229.99. Or you can get an PS3 40Giger for $149.99 at Gamestop. But you can get a new PS3 superslim for $269.99 which comes with 2 games. Uncharted 3 GoTY edition and Dust 514 which has $30.00 worth of DLC in the form of a PSN voucher. The console has 250GB HDD.

PS3 can be had for cheap these days.