Looking for PSN/indie games with non-human main characters. NO FURRIES PLEASE

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Not that I don't like games like Sly Cooper. Animals and furries as game heroes are just WAY OVERUSED. :(

There are exceptions, though. So long as it's a rarely depicted creature like a rhino, that's fine.

So, I have a PS4 now, and have spent the past half hour browsing with what Internet I have left. I feel like I missed something, as there might be some games up my alley...somehow.

I'm really looking for games where you're an alien, robot, or humanoid other creature, so long as they don't look human FACIALLY. Basically humanoid, but they definitely are not human. Elves are an exception too.

Here's what I've seen so far:

- Chicken Assassin: Reloaded (A chicken man on steroids)

- Livelock (Robot)

- Eliosi's Hunt (Alien...though he seems to fit too much into the Grey stereotypical look. If it's an alien, original species please.)

...That's about it. I may have missed something but I don't feel like looking through again now.

Any recommendations?

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Literally every month a PS+ game has these qualities.

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So an indi/PSN game with non-human no furry character, preferably robot, alien or "humanoid"?

Well if humanoid counts you should defiantly try

Salt and Sanctuary, a humanoid

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Some of the best music and gameplay I've experienced this generation.

Hollow Knight, a dead humanoid

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Detroit Become Human, Cyborg/robots

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Nier Automata, Cyborg/Robot

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Here are a few choices :)