Looking For An Honest Opinion About PS4 Pro By Sony Fans

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Hey, guys. I want to upgrade my base PS4 to a Pro but, I don't know if it's worth it or not. I don't plan on buying a 4K television for maybe another 2 or 3 years so, I won't be taking advantage of the 4K resolution option at all, at least not until the time to upgrade my TV comes. I want to know if there is anything else to take advantage of if I buy the Pro in the near future. Do the PS4 Enhance features still work on a 1080p television? Does the framerate increase making all of my older games run a lot smoother? Do games load faster or am I still waiting 2 or 3 minutes to play depending on the game? A lot of feedback for the Pro appear to be negative but, negative feedback is a lot louder than positive in the gaming community. Mainly because people who are loyal to other consoles or PC like to blast the place and mock everything about anything, and I'm not just saying that about other console loyalists, us Sony fans do it too. So, give me an honest opinion on the Pro, please. Would I be good if I sold my base PS4 and put that money toward the Pro or am I better off with the base? Also, with REmake2 and Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out, I want play those games with the best PS4 available to me. I'm looking to get the best experience I can get. Help me out, guys!

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I don't have the base PS4 so I can't comment on it. However I use my pro with a 1440p monitor and most of the time I play games with performance mode option if it is available. Those extra frames really helps improving the gaming experience for me.

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Sony used tricky marketing with the Pro. They claim it can play games on a 4K tv (like your current ps4 can), but it can’t natively output 4K. So if that’s your selling point when you upgrade your tv, save your money and keep your base ps4. Many consumers who’ve upgraded haven’t noticed much of an improvement to justify a new console.

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The PS4 pro made a big difference using my PSVR. And the higher resolution and frame rates did make a difference on some games. If you can trade in your regular Ps4 and get pro for a decent price, I don’t think you would regret it.

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Not worth it, I have a base PS4, the 500GB version, it has a 3TB SSD now and it loads games faster than a normal PS4P.

I'm also on 1080p, waiting for 4k OLED HDR 200Hz 60"+ TV's.

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To me it's better if you wait for PS5.

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As a Sony fan, using ps4pro with 4k tv its... Meh?

Probably just me preferring japanese games which is not graphically intensive. Stable framerate is a good thing though

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Thanks for the replies guys. With the replies I got so far, I decided to try it before I buy it. Thanks a lot everyone!

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This gen is ending soon, better just wait, especially if you don't have a 4k set yet. 8k sets are also coming to the market and they're not just TVs with a reso bump. What I've read of the new Samsungs, the leap in brightness and contrast is pretty big, even when compared to last years flagship (the Q9F). You can buy a Q900 now already.

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As a PS4 Pro owner, it's not worth the upgrade.