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OK. So I bought this Logitech wireless controller. I have never used them before. I plugged in the usb attachment thing in the first slot on usb on my ps3. I put new batteries into the controller itself. The usb attachment thing is blinking green while my controller mode is blinking red. Nothing is working or respsonding. I am unable to use the controller, period. Any body know what could be wrong? Am I suppose to download anything? What is the deal?
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What's the model specifically?

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did you try syncing them? i have no idea i had one for ps2 but not ps3... the ps2 one had a button on both the controller and the little usb thing and you sjut push both at once... if not try googling it

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If it's anything like the wireless PS2 controllers from Logitech, you're going to need to sync the receiver (the usb thing) and the controller. Syncing them is basically the controller telling the receiver 'this is my signal; now only do what I tell you to'.

The receiver probably has a button of some sort on it. Press it. Then press any button on the controller to turn it on if it wasn't already. After a few seconds, the lights on both controller and receiver should stop blinking. Once synced, the receiver probably will only light up when something is being done on the controller (like pressing a button or moving an analog stick); so press some buttons and make sure it's working.

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I also had the same problem after I bought it off of amazon.There should be a button on the bottom of the usb.I had turned off my normal controller if that helps.Thats it..Good Luck!
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You have to re-assign it as controller After pressing PS, go to settings. accessory settings, re-assign controllers. :D

-Ashley Cazador.