LittleBigPlanet Karting?

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Just watch the review for this game and I was surprised that it got a 7. Based on the gameplay and physics I would've expected Modnation racers to be mentioned... I mean this game is a carbon copy, only with a crappier level designer and LBP sack people... So why does it exist? Clearly the modnation guys just redressed it and threw LBP in the title and expect it to sell...Is anyone going to buy this, or already have?

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I was a bit excited for it when I first heard about it, but not when I found out it was going to be made by the same people from Modnation Racers. I didn't like the gameplay in that game, and unsurprisingly I couldn't get into the gameplay when I played the Beta for this game. I'm still going to give it a real chance eventually, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
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Not at all interested in this. To me this just seems like a shameless cash-in on the name.
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I thought "ModNation" was an outstanding kart game (I have it on PSP not PS3, so there may be some differences in platform approach which make it a "better" buy on the PSP as apposed to PS3 - I dunno), with a metric-ton of personality... But this game didn't, and still doesn't, seem necessary in any way, especially with "ModNation" out there, and other stand-out kart games (the Sega "Sonic All-Star" title comes to mind which received critic & gamer praise) on the market.

"Shameless Cash-In" would be my call, as well. I'm surprised it got a 7 to be truthful. I would have expected a 5-6.

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#5 Posted by mav_destroyer (3073 posts) -
I couldn't get excited about it when it was first announced, LBP is a very unique and outstanding game on its own. And in LBP2 it was already possible to create racing style levels so I just couldn't see the point of a standalone karting game for the franchise. It still looks like a fun game but its something I'd probably pick up if I'm completely bored and got nothing better to play.
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I would much rather play Modnation Racers. Don't see why they thought making a copy would be a good idea, seeing as a lot of Kart Racers don't even sell that much.

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Didn't like the beta, will give it a pass.

I'd rather play that Sonic kart game.