L1 and L2 of PS3 controller doesn't work

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You know how when you press R1 or L1 and it has that feeling. Well my L1 doesn't have that feeling and L2 too. Does anyone here know how to fix it? And for free?:cry:

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I've had the same problem with the previous versions of the PlayStation consoles. The most natural causes are: 1) There may be sticky substances inside it. Fix) There isn't a easy way to do so, you may need to look for professional to clean it so. 2) The triggers may be jammed. Fix) Carefully attempt to lift the triggers up to a slightly higher height, with a steady and slim object. 3) Its broken, possibly from pressing them to hard? Fix 1) You send it in to get repaired. ( Cash required. ) Fix 2) Search for a tutorial online and learn how to take apart and repair yourself. Fix 3) Get a new one.
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its not too difficult of a problem to fix assuming nothin has actually broken its just either become jammed or slipped out of place which is what normally happens with them. they are very simple to take apart and to find the problem but it can be quite tricky to get it back together but its not impossible ive done it loads of times with controllers that have broken in the exact same way as yours.

take it apart and u will see that the l1 and l2 buttons are together on this small piece of plastic which in your case has probably slipped off the little mount on the controllers front part. make sure the little green circuit is positioned in a proper place and then put the yellow colored rubber thing on top of that once its all in place slip it onto the mounts on the front part of the cover. now the tricky part is gettin that l2 button back on but u will get it right eventually (leave the l1 button off for now) then try your best to get the back part of the cover on and screw it back together then u can just pop the l1 button back onto the top and it should be grand