Just wondering, will the PS3 price go down near Christmas time?

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#1 Posted by hagiiiiiiiiii (1846 posts) -
Will the PS3 price go down near the Christmas time or should it be safe to purchase a ps3 now.
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dude it just dropped price like what 3 weeks ago
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Not officially. You may be able to find a deal here and there on Black Friday, but I doubt it.
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Yeah it JUST went down, there are deals. like wal mart

on this Saturday or Sundayat wal mart(this is not advertised but it is TRUE) if you buy a ps3, they will give you 10 free blu ray movies of your choice(priced under $30). In ADDITION to the 5 free ones you can order. 15 free movies total, crazy deal

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dude it just dropped price like what 3 weeks agoneo786
Exactly my thoughts when I saw the topic.
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Black Friday will be your only hope for a lower price, great deal or reg price but with a ton of free extras
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No official drops, no.