Just started Kingdoms of Amalur

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Great game :)

Makes me sad that the studio shut down.. Would have loved to see more from them

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This has been on my play list for a while now sadly. Is there any online component to this game?

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nope. no online

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It's one of my favorite games.

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I agree it sucks there will be no sequel, loved the combat and the artistic style.

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I just beat it a few days ago. Really good game.

The only downfall I could say is that there is to many side quests. They are all like mini plots that distract from the main story and you end up forgetting parts of the story. Other than that its a great game.

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Awesome game. Wish they would make another.

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great game i love it

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spent over 80 hours on it, maybe my fav PS3 game

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The demo that I played was enough to make me really enjoy it. I have not bought it yet. In my opinion the combat was where it really shined and the skill tree was full of a lot of branching paths. I am pretty sure it is not the best, but it was a great starting point.

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Great game, I plan to get back to it after I beat Dark Souls and Ni No Kuni... so it may be a while :P

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Really good game.I have had it for a few months now but still have not beatit. I will put more time into it when i have the time

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it's better on PC