Just curious, question about PS4 pre-order

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I pre ordered the PS4 on gamestops website. Is there a way to have my pre-order transferred to a local store and pay it off then pick it up launch day from there or are their website pre orders and online orders totally separate?

Would much rather pick it up in store on launch day if possible.

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don't know to be honest. I just went to the store and ordered it there, just go and ask if you can pick it up there

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If just done as an online order that is how it would be delivered. You can't have that transferred to delivery to a local branch. You would pretty much have to cancel the online order and set up at the store (which would likely not be had until much later) I would leave things as is.

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I second lyndon's advice.

Even though it's through the same retailer, I imagine the stores and online branch are two different monsters entirely. Especially when you're dealing with something as touchy as game system pre-orders, you should probably just follow through with your first move, rather than make things more complicated.

It wouldn't hurt to go to your local Gamestop and just ask, though. If they say no, I would leave it as it is.