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how do you opt to go to jail in RDR instead of being killed?

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no one has gone to jail yet?

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I got stuck in jail for going ape on Armadillo. I'm not sure how they captured me exactly though.

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You have to stay still and holster your weapon. John should raise his hands up surrendering and you should be taken to jail. I find it a little sketchy though cause sometimes when I try to surrender I just get shot up.

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The one time that I've done it, right when I decided to turn myself in I went to the equip screen and selected fists, then just stood still and waited for them to catch up to me.
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anyone who's played it think that GS score for RDR is a bit high. Just seems like there few too many things wrong (albeit little things perhaps) with it to be 9.5
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I think maybe we should wait for this game to get patched up a bit then maybe this will be a better games! Right now it has too many glitched so be patient for them to fixed it up.:)

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No idea, I always get shot up tbh.

I also haven't noticed any glitches yet, although when I went online, I whistled for my donkey to come get me but instead he ran straight past me and off a nearby cliff. I found it amusing :D

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hit L1 to holster your weapon and you can go to jail