Issue with screen size, Help please

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So I having been using a 55" 4K for the last few years, but due to a recent move I've had to move back to my old 1080P 32" TV. My issue is since that I have noticed that the screen gets cut off around the edges. It's noticeable in Days Gone, but in RDR2 it is very noticeable. I have went into the PS4 setting under screen and "shrunk" it so the edges are lined up with the white markers but that doesn't work. I have checked the TV itself but the only options I see are the basic format of normal, Game, Movie, Zoom, Wide, and 4:3 which none of those help either. Am I missing something? I use to use this TV before I switched to the 4K TV and never had an issue.

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@henrybraxton: The games themselves have the same settings, you need to shrink in the PS settings and the game.

Its really stupid...

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Welcome to the land of overscan. All decent TVs have an option for just scan, original or screen fit etc. Make sure you check all of your TV settings