Is PS4 use of DDR5 going to limit production?

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Not trolling. I've got my Xbox One and will eventually want a PS4. I know both had blow out releases and availability is going to be scarce for a while no matter what. I'm just wondering if the PS4s use of scarcer and more expensive memory chips could cause a shortage or slow production.

I haven't heard anything of this nature, but I've seen chip shortages impact the market before. DDR5's market was pretty much mid to high end graphics cards. Add in the PS4 and demand just went way up. Is supply going to be an issue?

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This will never be a problem the fact is their are so many companies making these chips sony would of made a contract with someone to just make chips for the ps4 they would of had months and months and months to make enough, so i wouldn't worry

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I seriously doubt it, the CPU would be more scarce but I'm sure AMD provides them an ample amount, same with whoever sends them the RAM. It's all about production rate, and typically it's 1 million a month. Remarkable that both the Xbox One and PS4 have sold 2 million in 2 weeks.

Also, it's GDDR5 (G for Graphics), not DDR5. DDR5 doesn't exist

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No, all the parts used in PS4 are plentiful.

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No, there is ample supply of GDDR5 chips.