Is playing Assassins Creed online any good?

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I never played Brotherhood online nor Revelations so I thought I'd save myself time by asking if the online is any good or not and worth playing on number 3.

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I myself love it, have yet to play AC3 but I've put a good 30 hours into Brotherhood and over 30 in Revelations. It's not the best multiplayer experience, but it's something drastically different than everything else on the market.

Watch some gameplay videos and see if it's something that might interest you, there are a decent amount of game modes such as Wanted, where it's a free for all and everyone is a different character, you are given an enemy to kill, while someone else is also trying to kill you. When you are in first place you can expect 2 or 3 people to have you as their target.

Another game mode is manhunt, where 2 teams of 4 play 2 rounds, each person on one team is the same character so you all look the same. One round you hide and get points by staying close to your team mates and blending in with your surroundings (crowds, haystacks, etc) and in the next round you do the hunting while the opposition tries to hide.

There are also a lot of perks such as poison, smoke bombs, templar vision, disguise which turns you into another character for a period of time and others. You wantto have several sets, depending on what mode your playing, if your being hunted, then it's good to use a disguise, when the enemy is near, stun them and run away, if your on the offensive you want to use perks such as smoke bomb, that will stun your opponent for a moment allowing you to stick around to poison them, giving you far more points that just running up to someone and stabbing them.

It's kinda complicated but if you know how to play the AC games, then it won't be hard to learn. Theres only so much I can say, I suggest watching youtube videos of several game modes and deciding from there if it's something for you.

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I've only played Revelations online up to level 20 for the trophy. It was interesting and somewhat enjoyable for a while, but I was eager to get through it. It's definitely different, and the previous person did a pretty good job describing it. It's just something you have to check out yourself. I personally don't think it was a necessary addition to the series, but in all I think it was fairly well done.
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The multiplayer works, but I'm not a huge fan. My problem with it is that the system punishes you for doing well, and the community for the most part play the idiotic run-and-stab style. Revelations and III tweaked certain things that made it even worse in my opinion.

Wolfpack in ACIII is pretty good though, since you can play alone or just with a couple friends.

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I spent around 2 hours online with AC III and its not bad. It's around 10 minutes per match and the gameplay is fluid and responsive. I personally enjoy it but I don't spend a lot of time with it.

It's one of those games where I don't see myself playing for more then 30 minutes. In all honesty, that works great for the time schedule. I would recommend it.

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The multiplayer in the AC games is fantastic. Easily my favorite online game.
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If you got the patience to play it seriously (and to put up with the many players that don't) there is barely any better multiplayer game that I know.