Is it really that hard to connect to 2K sports?

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Hi! Got the NBA2K9 ('cause 'm a sucker for the Lakers-Celtics rivalry :D, and at about 1/10 of it's original price tag) sometime in December (got the PS3 sometime September and haven't really played all that much) and since then have been able to connect only ONCE to 2K sports in order for me to get MJ from the free agent list for a custom team (which unfortunately I was not able to save). Now, every time I pop the game in, it simply tells me I cannot connect to 2K sports currently and to check my internet settings/connections (which I did and which are working fine). Is this because there's now a 2K10 version and the 2K9,being outdated just died a natural death? Your respective inputs would be greatly appreciated!

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