Is it 100% confirmed that MGS1 will only be digital in the MGS Legacy Collection

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Or is it just a rumor?
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its 100% true that my comment might be false
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I don;t think anyone can answer your question until it's confirmed but I'm going to bet that theres a 99% chance it'l be the digital copy. 

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According to the official Japanese website, it will be a voucher. However, there was also an image of the collection and both discs with the included games listed on them, and MGS1 and VR Missions were both listed on Disc 1. So... lali lali ding dong.
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its gonna be the digital version of twin snakes
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No, MGS Legacy is a collection of Kojima´s games, twin snakes wasn´t made from Kojima´s team
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its gonna be the digital version of twin snakesMethodManFTW
lol, because thats possible
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They've said on the PS Blog that it is a download code. If you look on the disc, the MGS1 logo isn't even there.
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Hoping it'son disc.. any of these releases that have codes to download aren't worth buying imo.
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i been playing my PSN version of the game.