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New to the forum so apologies if I'm not doing it right! My son has bought COD declassified for his ps vita but he can't connect to multiplayer as it says there is insufficient nat. I know it is on nat 3 and it needs to be on nat2, we have a Belkin router and I can log into that but I don't know what to change. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello, First of all set a static ip on the ps vita i dont know how to do that on the ps vita but ive done it on my playstasion 3 i think tis similar when u go to network preferences set custon - and everythin on custom it will ask you to put the default router - ip adress - subnet mask - primary and secondary dns but remember to put a ip like if your router default gateway is you put in the ip if its you put in the ps vita ip then go to Firewall - DMZ and check enable dmz and write ths ip down - - depend's on your router's default gateway as i stated above, then restart your router/ps vita and if it doesnt works then tell me and ill tell you to open some ports. Its easy i through it was hard but hey its easy :) 

Nat problems are basicly caused by your router's firewall so putting it in a DMZ will let every port out there get to the router without saying its risky.. But dont worry its nothin to worry if its only for the ps vita :)  

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On my cousin setup we had to log in with the router not his dsl modem. For some reason to get type 2 instead of 3.