If you can have "any" PS game rereleased in HD ?

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#1 Posted by Pharoahogc1 (151 posts) -

if you could have any PlayStation game (from all consoles and handhelds) to be re-released as a definitive version, which game would it be?

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#2 Posted by greedy_fly_x (25 posts) -

I would love to see a Resident Evil 2 remake...

Other than that, I think it would be cool to see Final Fantasy VII re-released.

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#3 Posted by Flubbbs (4836 posts) -

Resident Evil 2 remake

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#4 Edited by thundercloud80 (35 posts) -

Id love to see Kojima remake metal gear solid 1-4

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#5 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (14585 posts) -

That's a tough one... I'd love to see a Bioshock re-make on PS4. Imagine exploring Rapture in more detail. Wow!

Also I'd love to get the Mass Effect Trilogy on PS4 too.

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#6 Posted by Pharoahogc1 (151 posts) -

@hrt_rulz01: ya that would be awesome. And also I hope that mass effect trilogy does make its way over to ps4. Espically because I haven't played any of the mass effect games. I would be so stoked

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#7 Posted by Namgis (3592 posts) -

Brave Fencer Musashi. That's about it. From Sony anyways.

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#8 Posted by lensflare15 (6602 posts) -

Would love to see a Syphon Filter HD collection. Been waiting for years for something new to come along in this series, and I would love to see an HD collection at the very least.

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#9 Posted by ZetaRidge7 (25 posts) -

It would be pretty damn awesome if there was a Gran Turismo HD collection of GT1, GT2, GT3, and GT4 for the PS3 and PS4. =D

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#10 Posted by locus-solus (1006 posts) -
  • Spyro ps1 trilogy
  • Demon's Souls
  • Antichamber (pc puzzle game it's awesome)!
  • Persona 4
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#11 Posted by jasean79 (2593 posts) -

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

Played the heck out of that title for the PS1. Would love to see an updated version.

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#12 Posted by DJSAV_101 (3701 posts) -

Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Final Fantasy XII are games I would like to see HD versions of for Vita.

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#13 Posted by tatu2004 (17173 posts) -

@Flubbbs said:

Resident Evil 2 remake

this is what i want to

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