I want to buy a Ps4 from Usa but I am from Romania

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I have some question . I want to buy a ps4 from Usa but I am in Romania. I know that the games are Free Region , but about the voltage i am worried . In Usa is 110V and in Romania is 220V . What can I do ? Is some other troubles ? Please help me and give me some solutions and if are some other problems please tell me . Thank you

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I don't personally have any experience using voltage converters on the PS4 but I am sure someone here can help.

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Don't worry about voltage conversion, the PS4 and PS3 have voltage converters built in, stepping down a voltage is easy, stepping up is hard. The US PS4 will work fine, just be wary as you wont have any warrantee.

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I don't think the downloaded games from PSN will work though, and the DLC for the games. Wouldn't it be easier to buy an European console? From UK or France or Germany?