I think my PS3 is broke...

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I think my PS3 is kinda broken...

I was playing the Last of Us and all of a sudden I got to a cutscene that didn't start, so I just skipped it. After I skipped it I went on for a little while and the world glitched out on me so that there was white space everywhere and I could walk through walls. I restarted my game and tried to load my save. Never loaded. I started from a previous save. Got to another cutscene, the characters went into that stance where they have their arms out to their side and they were just floating around the room. Tried to restart the game, PS3 crashed.

Does it sound broke? Or just something wrong with the game?

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Could be the game. Are there problems with any other game? Maybe the hard drive? Idk.

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@PhazonBlazer: Sounds like the game. Try deleting all of the game data on the PS3. Just not your saved game. If that doesn't work make sure to try a few more games on it. Worst case scenario it way be your lazer of HDD faulty.