I Made the Switch Xbox one - PS4, add me

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Ok so back in November last year i was really struggling to decide which console to get. Previous to this gen i was an Xbox 360 owner and played on it a lot and loved it. But after E3 last year i was left undecided what to get on the next gen as both looked good. But eventually i decided to stay loyal to xbox, A) because i had a lot of friends on there and B) i thought Titanfall looked amazing.

Now after 6 months of owning an Xbox One, i took it on Friday to CEX and swapped it for a PS4, i must admit i am extremely happy with the swap. First of all don't get me wrong the Xbox One is a good console. But far too many bugs and problems for me, parties not working, the xbox started making funny noise's. Also Titanfall was hardly as revolutionary as i hoped. In fact it became quite boring after a couple weeks. I got tired of reading reviews and graphics comparisons how they all pretty much say the games run better on PS4 and the graphics are better on PS4. So i made the switch and finally have the more superior console.

Anyway i am looking for a few PSN friends. Xbox was alot about the community so i am hoping the Playstation network is just as good. At the moment i am playing Battlefield 4. As that is all i could get. I swapped Xbox one with, titanfall, plants vs zombies, lego marvel and blackflag for a ps4 with bf4. I will be picking up Watchdogs and many of games soon when i get paid nxt week so add me and maybe i can hack your shit on watchdogs :D

Anyway just thought i would post as i am looking forward to see what the Playstation community is like.

My PSN is: mwally29

Cheers guys, look forward to play with you. IVE SEEN THE LIGHT :D!!!

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@mwally29: add me. Autopilot_on

I have bf4. But I mostly been playing ff14 now. I will be getting watch dogs.

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1. No one cares about your backstory, wanna brag about the other console? take it to SW or blog it.

2. Since your new to GS, there's these things called sticky's, there is a thread solely for swapping ID's, USE IT.

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  1. @GTR12 if you dont have anything constructive to say dont bother replying. if you dont care why bother to reply.
  2. If i was bragging about the other console. i wouldnt be saying how i agree that the ps4 is superior.
  3. prick
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And this is why GS is the distant shadow of what it used to be, you still cant use the sticky.

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@GTR12: i know how to use the sticky. stop being a super nerd right now. i was just posting to see what the community is like on here. i doubt ill be coming back.

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add me if you wish, I hope to be on more once I give up my second job. My PSN is Sun_Wukong

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Please use the pinned thread on PSN friend name changes in the future. However, you are free to discuss buying a new system and get recommendations for games etc on this board.

In the future can we just point new users to pinned threads rather than acting aggressive. Thank you.