I know it's an old topic but anyway, where are you guys from?

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#51 Posted by LoboSolo (1136 posts) -
Afghanistan, but I live in Colorado.
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#52 Posted by 04JETTA (5769 posts) -


neways im from dallas,TX but live in IL outside a town called Champaign

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#53 Posted by risi37 (4542 posts) -
haha paska boll shqiptar ktu.Im from kosova
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#54 Posted by mrswagger (59 posts) -
me too i didnt realize there were dat many non-living in US folks here....dats cool shows the power of the ps brand.....i represent the District of Columbia (aka Washington, D.C.)
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#55 Posted by darcom1 (1483 posts) -
Mexico ....... Monterrey 
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#56 Posted by rpgfayth (327 posts) -

sry for the double post im just going to ask jelopek.. how did u do that tag? "proud to be polish" i'd like to make one too but different country.

Have fun...
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#57 Posted by boo_dat (704 posts) -

The USSR...Russia no longer exists...Soviet Russia will spread the wealth of communism to all nations...actions will be carried out by counterpart known as China...

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#58 Posted by TheKillersMind (52 posts) -
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#59 Posted by l-town4l (894 posts) -
Long Island, NY
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#60 Posted by iwao (380 posts) -

I am from Denmark,copenhagen!

But i am real from Palastian,but i am born here in DK!

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#61 Posted by Baller91 (437 posts) -
IM From Brooklyn, New York ADD me My PS3 gamertag: Haseeb1(ADD ME ) Im mostly On Restistance
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#62 Posted by CountZer0 (81 posts) -
I am from Greece, waiting to get my ps3. But I've been able to play resistance and nfs carbon. What the hell is going on in Canada?? Why is it so cold? -49C is almost unbelievable...
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#63 Posted by MERC_RECONN (2971 posts) -
Baltimore, MD
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#64 Posted by karnis (1825 posts) -
I am from Greece, waiting to get my ps3. But I've been able to play resistance and nfs carbon. What the hell is going on in Canada?? Why is it so cold? -49C is almost unbelievable...CountZer0
luckily it isn't that cold where i live in canada.
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#65 Posted by Jaclarks (522 posts) -
[QUOTE="janzaruk"]HOME OF THE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS INDIANAPOLIS COLTS, Kinda, just 40 miles south in Bedford, Indiana (home of Damon Bailey, any basketball fans remember him?) Unfortunately, I am a Bears fan:(

Im from Indy! and Im an Indy fan... Good times, good times.
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#66 Posted by StaatsFlo (118 posts) -
I live in Coimbra, Portugal! But I´m German! :P
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#67 Posted by Vhammos (159 posts) -
IM from Canada
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#68 Posted by mpgchulo (233 posts) -
San Diego , Cali
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#69 Posted by DannyGT (158 posts) -
Lisbon, Portugal
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#70 Posted by afexthedamaja (752 posts) -
Long Beach, New York
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#71 Posted by Flash_TB (25 posts) -
I'm from South Africa
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#72 Posted by jedi_marcos (4652 posts) -



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#73 Posted by jbot666 (2266 posts) -
Seattle, WA.
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#74 Posted by UnknownPerson55 (1232 posts) -

Cleveland, OH
Home of the worst sports teams in history!!!

-25ºF here today; fun.

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#75 Posted by Mcortijo01 (2589 posts) -


PSN- Evac

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#76 Posted by holgersson1988 (142 posts) -
Finland, and I'm part of the Swedish-speaking minority :)Doomshine
YAY! good for you. I'm from Sweden.
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#77 Posted by -_Aceofspades_- (577 posts) -

Cleveland, OH
Home of the worst sports teams in history!!!

-25ºF here today; fun.

Word, haha, i'm a little south from you, but still a die-hard browns fan... don't know why, I think it runs in my blood.
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#78 Posted by Kichu_182 (114 posts) -
[QUOTE="gollumb"]Same as Jelopek, Poland. Although when I wrote that in some post a while ago people seriously doubted my place of origin. Funny that :Pjelopek

Miło tu widziec "swojego" :D
Why ?...I know americans even dont know were is poland but why ?

I'm Polish too!!!!!!But live in Canada!
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#79 Posted by masterchef1000 (6279 posts) -
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#80 Posted by 2beers_in_hand (2950 posts) -
Sacramento Ca
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#81 Posted by Sedin44 (1171 posts) -
Boston, MA
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#82 Posted by Ago77 (154 posts) -
haha paska boll shqiptar ktu.Im from kosovarisi37
Ti me paske tracku me shoku. Ahahahaha une thash kush ishte. me behet qejfi qe paska shume shqipetar
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#83 Posted by VayoGames (25 posts) -
Salonica, Greece, Europe.
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#84 Posted by Jaclarks (522 posts) -
We really should keep this forum updated... I really want to know were people are from, it tis kinda cool.
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#85 Posted by Afro_Samurai (603 posts) -
I'm from NY, USA. Not that I mind keeping this forum updated, but exactly what is the point here? lol
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#86 Posted by dmill22 (27 posts) -
I'm from good ol' Alabama. ROLL TIDE!!!!
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#87 Posted by GnR-SLaSh (3021 posts) -

London, United Kingdom a.k.a Rip-OffxxThyLordxx

haha yeah

- - -

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#88 Posted by mavven (560 posts) -
I'm from Albania:wink:Ago77
Edhe une!(Me too!) Go Albania!!!
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#89 Posted by _psyde_ (56 posts) -
delavan,wi- no ps3 yet though waiting til march(b-day)
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#90 Posted by BastardlyRhyme (1834 posts) -
Dallas, Texas.