How to Repair WiFi on PSP? possibility?

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#1 Posted by Phabeon (25 posts) -

I just bought a psp from the neighborhood drug dealer, material obtainer, mad hookup type of dude for $20.... obviously its not in brand new condition but it runs fine and works of course, awesome he threw in a box of games... more then worth it..

but how do i get WiFi to work?

I gave it to my little brother to play around with and he stated that WifI doesn't work... this is the 2nd psp purchased from sadi dude and WiFi does not run..

anyone point me in the right direction to get this rectified?

appreciate it!


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#2 Posted by torontomapleafs (2019 posts) -

Nice deal you got there.

The only reason why i can see it not work is if the switch on the side is turned off. Make sure you turn that switch on than try.

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#3 Posted by Phabeon (25 posts) -

believe me. I tried that.. its something internal I believe plus lil' bro know's how to work it and he say's it doesn't work!!

believe me I know a great deal, could not pass it up! i'm hooked on this kill zone game!! mad addictive..

don't have internet at home so it would be nice to check it out, from the streets and neighbors...

thanks for the reply

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#4 Posted by littledev (34 posts) -
you need a wi-fi connection access point at your house to use online stuff eg go on internet
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#5 Posted by IntegraBella (655 posts) -
if you have the equipment needed that runs wifi in your house and your PSP can't get on it to save its life, may want to call sony and ask what to do in that instance. it could be something really simple or it could be something far worse. only way to know for sure is to call.
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#6 Posted by Phabeon (25 posts) -

Psp - Internal Error (80410A0B) is what I get no matter what and where I try it.. I have even tried the restore factory settings.. all it did was wipe my memory card..

anyone else got any ideas or input on this?

please advise..



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#7 Posted by kimbokasteniv (3892 posts) -

Well if you search the Error number, you will find results stating that this is a hardware issue. One person experienced success in fixing this problem by pushing the WLAN switch up particularly hard. Another more comprehensive solution would be this:

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#8 Posted by kingrich06 (5403 posts) -
i guess for 20$ u cant expect that much. Try selling it you might make a profit
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#9 Posted by xero_33 (171 posts) -
try to reformat the stick... that wil lwipeout everything in it as well so save your data and copy it to ur pc... try to disable the wep as well.. or just sell it for a good price and buy a new... in case it happens again repeats steps one to 5.. heheheh.. hurry and get killzone...
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#10 Posted by J_Money11194 (25 posts) -
my wifi stoped working randomly also. i don't know what to do. when i tried to get onto the internet, it said: "An internal error has occurred. (80410A0B)". what shoud i do?
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#12 Posted by J_Money11194 (25 posts) -
i got the same message. i think u have to get a new PSP. don't format the stick. i think when this happenes to people, it means ur f****d.
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#13 Posted by unksea (56 posts) -

if u have psp 3000 try checking the walen switch witch is to the right to the l butten

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Check the WiFi switch thing...are you talking about going online?Or ad-hoc. To go online you need a wireless router.