How to keep a fat PS3 cool and silent

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I was playing Beyond a few minutes ago , and just as I was about to get deep into the game , the fan was starting to get a little bit loud ,so I panicked and turned the console off.You should know that I used fresh thermal compound back in the summer -some 8 months ago- as the console's fan had been kicking in real load.

So what should I do now ? Buy an external cooling fan maybe ?and if yes ,which one would be the best choice ?

You should also know that Beyond is the last game I'll be playing on PS3.

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You could play it on the lowest display setting if you want to play it that badly

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Lowering the ambient temperature would help, might be inconvenient for comfort though. When I game my PC is on my windowsill to help keep temps low.

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To be honest just play the game like normal, since it's your last game you want to play on the PS3 I don't see any point investing more money on extra peripherals. If the PS3 is going to brick, it'll brick regardless. Try not to be too paranoid about it, my 80GB Phat PS3 used to kick the fan on sometimes too before I traded it in, but it never broke down on me (had that one since 2008 traded it end of last year).

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check the vents for dust. mine sounded like a jet and i just vacced the vents out and boom. fixed.