How's your PS4 holding up?

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#1 Posted by SolidIngram (62 posts) -

With all of the reports of bricked PS4's and possible hardware issues I'm just curious as to how everyone's PS4 is doing so far? I know the PSN is having some temporary problem so this is for anyone who is able to connect.

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#2 Posted by handssss (1907 posts) -

Mine worked fine. Almost a constant all-nighter, but I did take about an hour long break at one point. Updates and downloads were all fast too.

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#3 Posted by marcheegsr (3115 posts) -

I picked mine up last night. I don't think I got home till 2:30 am even though I had a preorder.

So I have the day off work today, Im going to set it up soon.

Will report back soon.

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#4 Posted by porkchopxp (1181 posts) -

"We're in the Pipe, 5 BY 5 . . ."

Silky smooth and purring like a kitten!

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#5 Posted by MarcRecon (8163 posts) -

I should be getting mine from UPS around 10am EST, I'll report back to you guys after I set it up and let it run for a while!

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#6 Posted by The_Rick_14 (9945 posts) -

Played for a bit last night and a bit this morning before work. No major issues.

Only issue I had was that I couldn't sign-in to PSN at 1AM EST, but I'm not surprised by that. It will likely take a couple days for the network to fully regain stability but I was able to get signed in this morning and redeem the 30-day PS+ voucher and get some other things setup. Here's hoping the good vibes continue for everyone's PS4s.

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#7 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

Good to see people PS4's are working fine

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#8 Posted by marcheegsr (3115 posts) -

Well fingers crossed everything seems great.

Finally set my ps4 up and no issues as of yet.

I managed to get into psn this morning after about 2 attempts.

Very pleased with my console so far. Killzone looks amazing.

I really don't know what people were saying about how the system wobbles. My console doesn't move at all.

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#9 Posted by suade907 (378 posts) -

So the Online is working? cool. I hope it doesn't crash after everyone gets home from work today. That's when I'll be setting up mine.

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#10 Posted by SolidIngram (62 posts) -

It's good to see there are no major issues and I look forward to seeing how it works out for those who are still waiting to get there hands on it.

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#12 Edited by MarcRecon (8163 posts) -

@clr84651 said:

Big surprise, none of the negative rumors about it are true. Beautiful, fast, and the controller is the sweetest ever!

Be on the look out for troll/fake PS4 users claiming hardware issues! I'm still waiting on mine....hopefully it will be here before I go to work.

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#13 Posted by MarcRecon (8163 posts) -

I got everything up and running....easy setup.....been working fine for about an hour

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#14 Posted by Terrencec06 (4020 posts) -

I got everything up and running this morning.

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#15 Posted by LittleMac (769 posts) -

My hdmi display stopped working after i updated it. Maybe had it on for 30 minutes total... Dont know how to say this without sounding like a troll, its just... True. I posted my initial and updated review on amazon detailing the problem under the killzone launch bundle ps4 for verification. I am so bummed out right now... Getting on the horn with sony.

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#16 Edited by theothernormal (100 posts) -

Hearing that everything is running smoothly makes me want one now instead of waiting for spring to get one.

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#17 Edited by HiTekJeff (25 posts) -

The reports have said they are isolated cases so having most work is not surprising. It doesn't matter what electronics/computer device you're talking about, there will always be some defective issues, It's just that reports get blown out of shape when people fear a massive problem, which is not even remotely the case with the few reported.

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#18 Edited by HoVDaHuSTLa1 (1288 posts) -

Running like a gem. Nothing major.

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#19 Posted by SacTownRob (282 posts) -

Those of you that didnt have any issues, did you have any issues connecting to your home wireless network and downloading the software update that way? instead of downloading to usb drive?

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#20 Edited by dino7c (527 posts) -

Mine is perfect, love the look and size of it...very quiet too

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#21 Edited by Billy243 (25 posts) -

Mine locked up twice during the warframe install. First time i got pissed off and couldn't figure out how to turn it off and pulled the plug. Second time i researched it and found out about safe mode. I deleted warframe and then installed it again. Now its playing fine. Other then that, so far so good. The warframe issue seems to be happening to other people also.

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#22 Posted by SacTownRob (282 posts) -

Thanks for the info Billy243. didnt even know Safe Mode was an option on the PS4

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#23 Edited by Alzheimer (25 posts) -

Been playing all day, My son is still playing. can't log in right now, but other than that it has been awesome. Contrast is very fun and free. Pretty much perfect launch for me!

*update: logged in now, just a hiccup I guess..

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#24 Posted by Master_Of_Fools (1651 posts) -

2 of my friends both had theirs break. 1 only took 40 minutes to die...the other lasted abit longer, 3 hours then it died. My cousins died 15 minutes after the update...As for me...Well I have no intention of buying a PS4 till Destiny comes out.

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#25 Posted by Grieverr (2835 posts) -

So far, so good for me. The update went flawless. I downloaded and played Contrast, Resogun, and Warframe. I also played Knack and Battlefield and have had no issues. I saw my buddy broadcast, tried remote play on my Vita, and everything has worked great. I've easily put 8 hours into the PS4 with no issues.

This has been a great launch so far!

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#26 Posted by agrippi (1195 posts) -

Mine was bricked right out of the box. I am one of the unfortunate Amazon pre-order customers. Sony tech support said nearly all of their calls have gone back to Amazon. Not sure what the issue is with the shipment they received, but they obviously have a MUCH higher failure rate than systems coming from other stores.

It was a total pain getting in touch with a chat would boot you out after five minutes of waiting. Spent over two hours on the phone before getting to talk to someone. What really irks me is that they are going to have us send our units in and repair them. Look, if this was a month or 6 months into the system and it had worked previously, I'd be fine with getting them to fix it. But, I got a lemon. It didn't work from the get go. I don't want it fixed. I want another NEW PS4 shipped to me and frankly, they should overnight it. As you can tell, I'm a wee bit bitter over all of this. Instead, I get to wait a few weeks to get my refurbished unit even though I was never able to use the previous unit once. Grrr

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#27 Posted by Sophette (515 posts) -

Seeing as my PS4 is sitting comfortable atop my 360, it's being held up quite well. ;)

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#28 Edited by clr84651 (5634 posts) -

We've played our 2 PS4s about 8 hours today. They've worked great. No noise at all whatsoever. Online gaming has been great all day as well.

I am in love with the new controllers. They are great. I love how the system is turned on and the eject buttons don't even look like buttons. There in the line in the front of the console. Nice how the console charges while off also. The charging cables have changed a bit to be the same as my cell phone and digital camera. It really reminds me of the size of the PS2. the shiney black side slides off with ease to upgrade the HDD. I think I'll upgrade both of mine to 2TB in a month or 2. I hope they come out with themes for it soon. I loved making themes for my PS3s.

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#29 Edited by muller39 (14953 posts) -

When setting it up I had the PS4 lying flat which caused overheating even after 10 minutes. I stood it up after the third time the system shut off and I havent had any issues since.

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#30 Edited by Billy243 (25 posts) -

Just a follow up from my other post from before. I have put many hours on it and i have had zero lock ups. Its not noisy and online has been good.

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#31 Edited by Swedish_Chef (623 posts) -

I haven't really had any issues with the console, my issues have all been with the network.

I do have to echo the concern of overheating though. This thing is very hot in my tv cabinet, much hotter than I think even the 360 was when my first 2 xboxes got fried. I don't have room to stand it up just yet, so I can only hope this thing won't burn itself out.

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#32 Posted by KHAndAnime (17565 posts) -

First thing I noticed is that the wobble issue is fake. On a flat surface, the PS4 doesn't wobble.

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#33 Posted by stereointegrity (12149 posts) -

no issues outside of the warframe update freezing

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#34 Edited by craigalan23 (15879 posts) -

Mine is working fine but the downloads are unbelievably slow which is strange because I downloaded BF4 for my ps3 last week and it didn't even come close to taking this long.. Yes I know the PS4 version is larger but still its a lot slower.

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#35 Posted by OfficerLeach_ (419 posts) -

@KHAndAnime: I know first thing I did was test the wobble lol. No wobble on my end as well. Dont try telling that to anyone in SW though ps4 has been on all day though since 1230am problem whatsoever besides once even after it said my data auto saved on ghost I went to resume and my data was gone but I could mission select that same level? Idk not a big deal and probally just the game. My clan of 200+ has reported no issues on our website or on LINE besides the unfortunate ones who couldnt find/afford one.

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#36 Posted by caseyjuly (25 posts) -

Girlfriend here with a broken hearted man... My BF finally gave up. Everything we tried to do took forever. It was continuously updating and downloading (freezing but not really freezing)...The NBA2K14 will not save your personalized character. When you back out of anything, everything you did is gone...He says he is just going to get his money back...Is it true about the preordered Amazon shipment? That was what his was.....

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#37 Posted by OfficerLeach_ (419 posts) -

@caseyjuly: yea the largest amount(almost all) of believible posts/complaints about ps4 failure all point towards amazon...bad batch I suppose

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#38 Posted by Ne-Plus-Ultra (281 posts) -

So far mine has been great, I'd say I put about 6 hours into finishing COD Ghosts SP last night, spent a couple hours checking everything out, and buy the way, when PSN is up, it's super fast. Just started AC4 a couple hours ago, and everything has been great, the games run super smooth, and the DS4 is the best controller I've ever used.

As for heat, it really doesn't seem to be running that hot, I measured the temp with a type k thermometer probe at the hottest part of the exhaust and while playing AC4 the max temp I got was 122 degrees F / 50 degrees C, and just as a comparison I measured the temp from the laptop I'm using now and while it's under load it;s running at 142 degrees F / 61.1111 degrees C, so I think it's running pretty cool.

Also, I'm in love with the ability to stop playing and go to an app or PSN or just change some settings then instantly get right back into gaming, plus I didn't think I would care for watching other people streaming their gameplay, but I actually enjoyed watching them, and it's a great way to check out realtime gameplay from a game you're interested in.

So far my experience has been great, I really like it so much that I'm kind of dreading buying GT6 for PS3, I think I might just wait and see if a PS4 version will come out. The one thing that annoyed me a little was last night I laid down in bed to finish up COD and I had a white blanket over my legs, and when I turned the lights out the blanket glowed blue, so I had to put some electrical tape over the light in the DS4, but that's no big deal.

Oh yeah... I almost forgot, as KHAndAnime said above, "the wobble issue is fake."

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#39 Posted by PinkiePirate (1973 posts) -

Mine's holding up really well.

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#40 Edited by blackace (23576 posts) -

The truth about the PS4 is revealed.

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#41 Posted by steel_curtain77 (30 posts) -

Got mine at 10am this morning when gamestop opened and probably had it all setup in less than 30 minutes. I did have about an hour of updates, configuring account, etc to do but it was pretty painless. I think a lot of people were just going nuts trying to get into gaming without properly taking the time to set things up correctly. I had no issues with my setup, this by far is the best console I've ever owned.

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#42 Edited by Ovirew (9080 posts) -

My PS4 has been working fine, so far so good anyway.

Last night after launch PSN was down, but so far that's about the only problem I've had. That, and trying to get used to the new UI. That'll just take a bit of time I guess.

Still haven't had enough time to dig into everything yet though.

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#43 Posted by ominous_titan (1217 posts) -

It's holding up great, it will wobble if u press on left corner but that's moot

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#44 Edited by blackfire (118 posts) -

I got my ps4 at launch from amazon. I was so excited, connected it to my TV, turned it on, then there it was. the blue pulse of death. all I could say was no not mine. didn't bother calling Sony so they could send me a reconditioned one. called amazon for a refund. what sucks is I bought 3 games and nothing to play them on. saying im disappointed is an understatement.

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#45 Posted by DarthLefein (55 posts) -

I used my USB drive to update to 1.5. no worries thus far.

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#46 Posted by deactivated-585ea4b128526 (612 posts) -

Some psn hiccups, but picked it from fedex at 10am, just now turned it off. No issues.

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#47 Edited by The_Rick_14 (9945 posts) -

@ominous_titan said:

It's holding up great, it will wobble if u press on left corner but that's moot

Looking at how the rubber feet were placed on the device, I am starting to think having the left side under the disc drive not physically connected to the surface might have actually been the design so that any vibrations through the case on the shiny part don't get reverberated back through the rest of the system. Strange but possible I think.

Anyway, yesterday I played through the Ghosts campaign and about 2 hours of online multiplayer plus some Resogun yesterday morning. PS4 is running like a champ. I'm testing Blu-Ray playback now and it looks awesome.

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#48 Posted by NZ43 (25 posts) -

I brought a new entertainment cabinet a few months back, before this I had never had a problem with my PS3. It started turning its self off, discovered it was getting hot. Took the back off the cabinet, haven’t had any problems since. Hope this is a help. Looking forward to getting my PS4 at launch this side of the world.

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#49 Edited by BattleSpectre (7989 posts) -

Glad to hear many positive feedback from you lot, can't wait any longer!!!

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#50 Posted by SolidIngram (62 posts) -

Man I feel sorry you guys who had it bricked right out of the box. That must be very very...very disappointing.