How much money do you spend on PSN a week?

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#1 Posted by soapman72 (2714 posts) -

I spend around 10 bucks every other week but lately my money has been flying into Sony hands because of Tokyo Jungle and a few others for my vita

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#2 Posted by 2Chalupas (6571 posts) -
Very little. Mostly just PSN+ and VERY randomly I will buy a game. Actually because I have such a backlog I'm pretty much not buying any digital games, I will occasionally still buy a retail game. I probably spend $75 a year on PSN, but $50 of that is PSN+.
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#3 Posted by Namgis (3592 posts) -

$0. I have no plans to in the future either. Maybe I'll get The Walking Dead sometime down the road. If they don't come to disc.

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#4 Posted by MarcRecon (8094 posts) -

I spend money once in a blue moon on the PSN...and when I do it's usually on one of those $5 movie deals.

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#5 Posted by SoNin360 (6697 posts) -
I can't put a weekly average on it.. I currently have a year of PS+ and my most recent purchases are some Fallout New Vegas add-ons, The Walking Dead (I bought all episodes at once a long time back), and Crysis. I purchase something relatively small every now and again. I plan on some future purchases, but I don't have any money on my account right now.
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#6 Posted by MonkeySpot (6070 posts) -

How much per week??? I MAYBE spend $10 in a YEAR.


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#7 Posted by MethodManFTW (26516 posts) -
Anywhere between like 0 and 120 bucks.
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#8 Posted by d_parker (2128 posts) -

Varies but on average maybe $5.00 per week.

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#9 Posted by Sokol4ever (6692 posts) -

Around 15$ a week. Me and my wife usually rent a movie on the weekend and I might purchase PS1 classic game here and there.

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#10 Posted by Pikminmaniac (11194 posts) -

I probably average around 60 dollars a year. So that averages to $1.15 a week

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#12 Posted by Canvas_Of_Flesh (4052 posts) -
I usually spend about 20 bucks a month or so.
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#13 Posted by Jackc8 (8515 posts) -

Just for PS+. I rarely buy any DLC, it maybe averages out to $2 / month over the course of a year. I will be downloading Mass Effect 1 sometime early next year though.

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#14 Posted by punisher1 (3264 posts) -

next to nothing. Only time I spent one penny was for saints row the third last year.

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#15 Posted by JogsterXL (298 posts) -
Not a penny
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#16 Posted by 23Jarek23 (2647 posts) -

Maybe $20 a year, at best.

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#17 Posted by jeffster85 (2286 posts) -
i don't.
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#18 Posted by KIERON93 (52 posts) -
Normally £10 here and there but the last two weeks made my wallet sad. Last week I bought NFS, virtues last reward and sound shapes all for my vita and today I just bought mass effect 1, mass effect 3, DOA5 and xcom DLC
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#19 Posted by Pandora012 (31 posts) -

Usually $0. But I coudn't help buying Parasite Eve 2, Crono Cross, Dino Crisis, and Xenogears. Besides that I don't really go on PSN unless I have a code to redeem.

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#20 Posted by whiskeystrike (12172 posts) -

Usually 0

I have had a few times where I buy PS1 classics in mass and other than releases like RE4 HD and Okami HD, I don't spend any money

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#21 Posted by ristactionjakso (6118 posts) -

Vry little after I bought that horrid game Dungeon Hunter. It lags every 5 seconds, and others have complained about it too.

I buy games like Crysis 1 and Sly, but thats it.

And after I got Far Cry 3, I see no reason to buy anything else for a very long time.

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#22 Posted by -Vulpix- (2517 posts) -

I'm not sure on a week, considering I don't buy a new game of off PSN each week. As for this year I'm sure I spent over $100 by now.

betweeh the 14 games or so, a bunch of PSN avatars & Tokyo Jungle DLC

As for what else I'll be getting I will be buying Mass Effect 1 and some PSN avatars.

I'm not sure yet but might buy Hell Yeah and Pure Chess as well, but I also want to get Dust An Alysian Tale on XBLA.

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#23 Posted by Bigboi500 (35550 posts) -

I don't buy that many games on PSN... maybe three or four a year not including PS+ games.

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#24 Posted by AmazonTreeBoa (16745 posts) -
Got the PS3 last Christmas and so far the only things I have bought off PSN is 1. Infamous: Festival of Blood 2. The Walking Dead bundle 3. Journey Only things I have left to buy off it is Resident Evil 4 HD and Final Fantasy 9. Nothing else on there I want. I only buy things I can't get retail.
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#25 Posted by Salanderr (42 posts) -
Hardly any. I've probably spent about $40 on it all year so far. I usually only buy things from it if I can't get them on disc. I prefer hard copy.
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#26 Posted by 187umKILLAH (1414 posts) -

Ever since I bought my 80 gig fatty new I haven't spent anything on PSN, I have no interest in digital games

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#27 Posted by pspitus (2397 posts) -

I'm not sure about a week, but I do spend a whopping total amount of $10 a year on PSN :P

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#28 Posted by Kravyn81 (9438 posts) -
Per week?? $0
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#29 Posted by Venom_Raptor (6958 posts) -

Hardly anything. Over the course of the year I might buy a few downloadable titles that I can't get on disc, and some single player DLC for the games I enjoy most, but otherwise I spend small amounts on new themes and avatars.