How do I sign in two profiles at once?

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#1 Posted by irockandroll (1066 posts) -

i was on my ps3 and was wondering how to login on two profiles on one console

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#2 Posted by Unknown_Hero3 (7269 posts) -

Creat a new user, then sign up for PSN on that user

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#3 Posted by JKusanagi (815 posts) -

You mean, like in the xbawks 360? ithink its not possible, which i think its too bad...

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#4 Posted by shhbob (1035 posts) -

didnt no u could :P

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#5 Posted by Thetaguru (1394 posts) -

You can have two users/profiles but you can't sign into them at the same time.

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#6 Posted by touchyourtoes (626 posts) -

Unless you're playing 2-4 player Little Big Planet or 2 player co-op Resistance 2. Don't know of any other games that have this feature.

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#7 Posted by mep69 (1926 posts) -
get 2 ps3's
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#8 Posted by nikgamma (392 posts) -
You cant but why would you want too?
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#9 Posted by drknockboot2 (361 posts) -

Well, we need to get this feature!!! When you have friends over with their own profiles, or if you are playing a game over someone's house. You should both be able to sign into your profile for any game!

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#10 Posted by T-Machine99 (1848 posts) -

You can't sign into two profiles at the same time.

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#11 Posted by xyberdawg (25 posts) -
I think this is the PS3's one drawback. I rarely play PS3 games unless my 360 is suffering the RROD, or there is an Exclusive title. I play games with groups and parties in mind. Thus the singing in under multiple profiles so all can earn "Trophies/Achievements". Is why I love the 360 over PS3. If the PS3 had this feature then I would say it would be the superior system hands down across the board.
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#12 Posted by dk00111 (3123 posts) -
The game has to support it, I know that Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet support it since I have them, but I don't know which other games do.