How do I share files from my pc to the ps3 ?

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#1 Posted by johnitravolta (25 posts) -

Is it possible doing it by making a new workgroup ?
or is there some way else?

I basicly need to share some photos from my computer, I want to be able to present them in the ps3.

thank you very much for help.

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#2 Posted by hermes200 (1627 posts) -

Sorry, but the PS3 is not visible from a PC as if it were another PC.

The best way is to use a USB drive to copy all the photos you need to the PS3.

Note: It may happend that once you plug the drive to the PS3 and try to access it from the photos section, it will say like there are no files. Use triangle -> "Display All" over the drive icon to explore it.

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#3 Posted by BushWacker69 (614 posts) -
if you're using a wireless router then you just download tversity and set it up right then you've pretty much set up a media server i.e. enable media server on the ps3 and share as much as you like
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#4 Posted by johnitravolta (25 posts) -

that's what i was trying to do, i'd like you to help me configure this software, cause obviously im doing something wrong.

the ps3 never finds the media server when i scan it.
should i open the port of the media server on the router?

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#5 Posted by americahellyeah (16548 posts) -
um, you could jsut transfer them all using a USB flash drive or something...
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#6 Posted by IntegraBella (655 posts) -
USB storage device, best way to go about it.
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#7 Posted by johnitravolta (25 posts) -
the thing is that i don't want all these files to use my ps3's hdd.
it's the 40gb version, i have to keep as much mbs as i can.
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#8 Posted by Choco_Taco (573 posts) -
If your using Windows Media Player, go into the options menu and enable sharing. It should be under the library tab
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#9 Posted by johnitravolta (25 posts) -

The windows media player says that the media sharing feature has been disable because of a change of a required setting or component or something like that.

that has been like that for long time. how can i fix it?

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#10 Posted by gamerjerome (437 posts) -

I'm using SimpleCenter for such a thing. Search it. If you have a wireless router and are broadcasting your Internet you can do it.

Once you are running SimpleCenter you add your media to it. Videos, Music, Photos and such. Then on your PS3 you should see the SimpleCenter icon under Photo, Music and Video. If not you click Search for Media Servers. You can then copy anything you added to the SimpleCenter library to your PS3 harddrive. It's pretty easy.

Then again why waste the space on your PS3 when you can just streaming all those to your PS3 :) Well maybe not HD videos. They don't do so well if you have a mediocre Internet connection. Music is great!

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#11 Posted by Goofylundeen (25 posts) -
you need to go to the network setting in the pc. then open up the file sharing. I get all my videos, pics, and music over my network. I can even back up to my NAS drives. hope this helps