hideo wants feedback for inprovements for phantom pain

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What aspect of ground zero you would like to see improved for phantom pain?

I would like to crawl behind a enemy and pull him down to knock him out unconscious. I would like to see more animation when a soldier is shot in the leg that he will hobble off and hide but still pop out and shoot. When a soldier is almost dead on the ground I notice he can shoot but it would be cool for him to crawl to cover and still be able to shoot. I haven't been able to attempt this due to not having enough situations in ground zero environment but I wonder if you can hang and land on soldier beneath to knock them out?

I hope to be able maybe to crawl and drag a person you are trying to rescue or throw them in the back of the pick up. I would like to see more destructible environments like the cement blowing chips off the corners. I know the wooden towers can completely collapse.

I know you can shoot lights out but wonder if you can shoot out spot lights while soldiers are using them on the watch towers. I need to try that. Of course, the soldier would become suspicious but and leave his post to search but hopefully only investigate not full alert go off if the gun is a silencer since there could have been a power outage etc.

If you guys can think of anything else feel free to comment..

Oh, I would love to fly a helicoptor, drive a motorcycle or parachute in on missions and control the glide just like in gta 5.

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I am commenting again to bump my post up so I can get some feedback. I just read that the cardboard will come back on phantom pain plus a undisclosed way to get enemy attention. So i suppose there will be more than just throwing magazine clips to divert soldiers attention. The article I read is from gamingbolt.