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i have dragonballz shin budokai 2 and i need 100% save data because when i download save data its another road and shin budokai 2 is supoosed to be the same game as another road but it wont load on my game and my intro is different from another road instead of saying dbz another road it says dbz shin budokai 2 help if you know any shin budokai 2 save data
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Here is a link to the gamfaqs page that contains the save data (link) Just download the folder you need, and put it into the savedata folder. You should be able to handle it;)
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Hey i'm having the same problem and people don''t understand that we have a different version of the game.......IT is not shin budokai: another is just shin budokai 2 and the save will not work and the guy's link below does not work either.....i'll try to find the save data if it is the last thing i do but if you find it first or have already found it please let me know thanks

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actually forget it the Gamefaqs save datas work you just have to use the European probably figure this out by now so just ignore