help Ps3 screwed up blue screen with words.

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I left my ps3 on to get a drink then came back and my screen was blue it had a bunch of words filled my whole screen with info. I didn't have time to read what was on the screen but after the blue screen with words it asked me and showed me how to charge my ps3 controller , then my ps3 asked me to set the time and date and location again(i don't understand why, i made these settings when i first turned it on) after i put the settings it says that the data has been recovered for all the accounts on my ps3, and now there is a * star before each of my user's names. but everything works this a one time thing? please help!!

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sounds like your ps3 reset itself to factory settings :S are all your saves there?
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yes they are all there but there are * in all my usernames il wait till some more replys to confirm what went wrong
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The exact same thing just happend to me, was surfing the internet and the screen went blue with lots of writing in loads of different languages the writting said "setting information is corrupt, press the X button to restore default" . when i pressed X it restarted and then asked me to put the date in and select my language and stuff , all my saves and music were ok, just my settings were all back to default. and also my name had a * in front, like you said .and also my PSN information was not remembered so i had to type my email adress in again, ive only has my PS3 a few months (since christmas) and it seems to crash all the time, at least once every 2 weeks. it usually frezzes on the internet and sometimes on a game. on a few occations, when i turn it on, it has said " the hard disk needs to be rebuilt, press X " it has said this to me at least thrice. each of thoose times it just showed a progress bar for a bout 1 minute then went back to normal. i do play on it quite a lot and i also sometimes just leave it on for hours without even doing anything on it. other than that i don't know what i could have done wrong. i never turn it off from the back button either. does anyone know why this happens? and how many people has this happend to?, ive looked round a good few forums online and so far this post is the only one relating to the blue screen i saw today. any information anyone has on this would be much appreciated, as the sony website has told me nuffink.
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yea i had that vey same thing happen last night.all my saves and stuff are fine,but for some reason the themes and map pack of cod 4 i bought over the playstation network become corrupt.i ldeleted them and re-downloaded them and they came up corrupted again when i woke up today.if anyone know what's the problem is then let me know,cuz this is urking the fuk outta me
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yeah thisn happened to me too. got everything re-installed and user profile working all save data there but it says i am the wrong user when i try to load up fifa 09 save data.. any ideas how to solve this
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Yeah same thing happened to me but i messed up i put in my old psn instead of the one with my trophies and now i cant change it back i sent playstation a email they said i will get a reply in 24h its now been 48h all my saves are there but i just need to change my psn back to the original one any1 no how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance
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Be sure to back up all your stuff just incase something goes wrong. You can never be too careful.

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If you have been surfing the net then you may want to clear the cache and any cookies that were sent to your PS3. This can cause corrupt files from sources that usually have no trouble of haveing corrupt files. Also if you go to the tech support section on the PS3 web site there are a lot of helpful tips of repairing the PS3 without calling Sony.