Heads up - Godzilla for the PS4 is now ULTRA RARE

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Even if you're not a Godzilla fan and you don't care much about the kaiju genre, if you see this game used at gamestop or a garage sale, or anywhere, basically, get it for cheap if you can, buy it without hesitation if sold to you at a reasonable price. Apparently it was reviewed so poorly and sold so very little that it went out of print fast, they probably did one batch and called off the entire production. Next gen, this is going to be in those top 10 most rare PS4 games and the resale price is only going to keep skyrocketing.

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I bought 5 and vomited on it and threw it in the shredder, lololol.

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has there ever been a good Godzilla game.

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The idea of rare games will only be relevant to collectors in the digital age. Generally these only get value for being a rare item which was well known and received. Example, Superman 64. There’s a guy on eBay trying to sell it for $120 but the few other copies sell for $10 and under. Anyone wanting to play it for lolz will grab the rom for free. Same with this game. The demand will be low enough that any of the few collectors who wants to grab it will be able to do so for a reasonable price.

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Rare =/= valuable. I'm not saying don't go for it - if you can grab it for ridiculously cheap you won't have much to lose. But I'm skeptical it will ever be worth much. Let's say, for the sake of argument, you can buy it for $5 and in two generations sell it for a whopping $40 (which is what rare-ish Dreamcast, PS1, etc, games often go for). That's a huge profit percentage-wise, but it's so little money in an absolute sense that the exercise would be basically a huge waste of your time. It's less than a new game you actually want.

And the thing is, those $40 DC games are games people actually want. People paying that for this... my bet - it will be next to worthless. An old bad game that nobody wants for a system nobody finds remotely collectible either because everyone and their mom bought a PS4 and has stacks of games for them

I don't see this as an investment opportunity. But like I said, if you can get it for dirt cheap and want to roll the dice, knock yourself out

*edit* also, I don't know what you're talking about - I just went on GameStop and it looks readily available near me (Atlanta)

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@xantufrog: look it up on eBay or amazon. They're selling it right now for far more than 40 dollars and this generation isn't even over. Think what it's going to sell for next gen. Besides, some Godzilla fans did like it, slow paced, dull and all. The game delivers on its basic premise.

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@AgentA-Mi6: I did look it up - like I posted, I can buy it at my local Gamestop for $50 today if I want. I don't. People ASKING $100 on ebay aren't necessarily GETTING that much. And why should they if someone can buy it from a store for half that?

*edit* in fact I just started to list one on Ebay to test this, and the average sale price is $47.

Of course it's over $40 now - it's still a current gen game AND it's rare.

Do what you want - I'm not trying to stop you. I just don't don't think it's going to be an exciting investment opportunity like you claimed. And like I said - even if you can score it for dirt cheap - selling it for 40 or 50 bucks is only a good profit from a ratio standpoint. It's not a good $ / hour/effort turnaround.

"You can make $45 bucks over 5 years just by hunting around for a bargain on a game you don't want!"

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Yeah, well. I kinda want it. It just shocked me how expensive they're selling them for. I expected to find copies for 10$ and that wasnt the case. Im a huge Godzilla fan.

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@AgentA-Mi6: well that's a different story! We all have our own tastes - I paid way too much for Intelligent Qube for PS1; probably worthless to many people. If you're a Godzilla fan and it tickles your fancy go for it! I was just debating the investment side of things. Anyway, time will tell - I could be wrong.

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There is also a ps3 version of this game. Wouldn't that one be more collectible or expensive?

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@finnboem: Yes. Previous gen late releases always go up in value. Although this ps4 title isn’t a bad pick up either. Quality of the game is irrelevant. Some of gaming’s rarest titles are crap.

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I have this game. It is a guilty pleasure. The controls are Janky. Godzilla always goes out of print. I still have get a hold of the original Playstation Godzilla and PS2 Godzilla Save the Earth. These are always Niche games with bad controls