Headphones for PS4. these are pretty good.

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I picked up mine when amazon had them in stock for $24.99

I bought a pair for my son and myself. The mic is always on I think, I'm not sure if the headphones that come with the ps4 are like that but if you make sure the mic is a few inches away from your mouth you won't hear breathing. They plug right into the controller and work very well. The mic audio is very very clear. Sound is very good as well. THe cord is also the perfect length for plugging into the controller.

These are good cheap headphones.

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what games have you used them in? Have you used them in COD and used it for chatting with teammates? I have been looking for headphones for my ps4 that aren't too expensive.

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I use them with BF4. They work very well. The PS4 has a option where you can prioritize the chat over in game audio. I have not left it on this setting but I think it makes the chat channel louder than the in game audio or lowers the volume on the in game audio when you hear a chat. I just use the all audio over headphones setting and it works great for me. With these headphones you will hear background noise like my wife yelling in the background but if you play in a quiet room your friends will be very happy you are using these. The audio is very clear. Much better than what I've heard with the factory ear bud.

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I feel the headphone-options on the PS4 are amazing! They give me the best experience, I feel. Regarding the mono-earbud that followed the system - these I do not approve of. Ok, so they work, but I can't stand only having sound on one ear, so I bought a new headset.

Basically, If you have a headset that features a phone-answer mechanism it will work with PS4, but the mic will always be on. When it comes to sound quality; this is for you to decide. Most headphones now come with one plug (combo mic and speaker-plug), and as long as your headphones have this, then your set to go.

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For a cheap headset if you don't care about audio much, these should be fine. Its a much more logical purchase then the people who waste their money on Pulse Elites and PX4's.

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The z11's also have a mute switch for the mic on the cord. The sound is very good overall as far as the in game audio goes. I was pleasantly surprised.