hdmi setup not working

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#1 Posted by mikel33 (108 posts) -
hooked up the hdmi cable and nothing. none of the video settings worked, not even the hdmi setting worked. just blank screens. do u have to set up the hdmi video and audio settings in the ps before connecting it?
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When you turn on your system, hold down on the power until you hear a beep. That's probably the problem your having.
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however you have your ps3 hooked up before the HDMI leave that hooked up and then hook up the HDMI cable then when you transfer it just tv input to HDMI and it should show up then you can adjust whatever you need to
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As Yng-ePIc said, hold down the power til there is a beep. If there is no signal, check the cables are plugged in firmly (and everything has power).
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Just have the cable connected and make sure you have the correct input selected on your TV then when you turn the PS3 on from stanby hold your finger on the power button until the second beep. This will force the system into a auto detection mode. It works every time if done correctly even if you go back to a AV connection which is the composite (the SD connection) or the component connection which is the much better connection of the AV connections.
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ill try all that and let u know later
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I cant get my hd working, i have an hdtv and when i hook my ps3 up to the hdmi-dvi componant and switch it to hd on the ps3 it goes black... i have no hdmi input on my tv only comp 1 & 2 vid 1&2 dvi and frnt...... can anyone help me??
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Well you could start with hooking it up both ways. I know I was quite suprised my screen faded when I choose HDMI whilst having the cable in... But then I noticed... The HDMI input where on a diffrent channel. Try that mate.
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If you have EVER hooked it up in a way that isn't HD (or is HD) then you have to hook up the other input. Go into the old input so you can see your settings and then switch it to the new Input via the PS3 control panel.

So Keep everything hooked up. Then hook up HDMI

Go into old Input and change it to hdmi. Old input will go black. Then switch to HDMI

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Quote from my thread. Sometimes a search can cure all....

I did have the RGB Cables connected to both the tv and PS3. I disconnected both AV cables from the system and the TV and turned off and on the switch in the back of the system. Then I held down the power button for 13 seconds. 7 seconds it turned green and then it beeped, and 4 or 5 more seconds til it beeped again and went back to the red standby. This is to reset the ps3 visual settings and to set it to automatic setup. So when i turned on the tv and the ps3, it automatically picked up the hdmi. Thanks again guys, i just figured i needed both connected.


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Eyy help me out i have a hull HD Panasonic Viera and i recently bought a HDMI cable 1.3, so i can play games hd on ps3. I was easily able to transfer from composite to hdmi channel but i still cant get hd working it still on 576p. I tryed testing all 720 1080i and 1080p settings but not 1 of them work, i also tryed doing it automatic setup but it just goes black then comes bak on but still as 576. I held the button for a while wen turning it on so it restors settings and it ses HDMI found or w/e i clik ok and nothing it just goes bak to 576