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OMG ! There are some HDMI cables that cost 2k !!!

Does anyone in here have an expensive HDMI cable ? and if so, does the quality change much ?

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You do not need an expensive HDMI cable. There is virtually no difference (at least to justify paying more than 20 dollars) between all hdmi cables. I have HDMI cables that I bought for 5 dollars a piece 6 years ago and they work well. Not sure why people would go to places like Best Buy and spend 50 dollars on an HDMI cable.

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No,there's no difference unless you have a loooooooooooooooooooooooong cable.

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I would'nt spend a fortune on hdmi cables.

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As long as you purchase a cable that is rated for your desired resolution, (in this case 1080p for gaming), the actual price or brand makes little difference. it has been proven and tested numerous times that 200$ and 10$ HDMI cable offer almost impossible to differentiate quality between each other.

Save yourself the money. :)

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The only thing some money may buy you is manufacturing and durability, as for signal quality there is no difference.

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i bought one for my PS3 (4-5 years ago) on Amazon for $1.29 and works perfectly.

i feel bad for the suckers that goto best buy to get stuff and get talked into buying a $75 hdmi cable

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@FatLonelyDude said:

i bought one for my PS3 (4-5 years ago) on Amazon for $1.29 and works perfectly.

i feel bad for the suckers that goto best buy to get stuff and get talked into buying a $75 hdmi cable

I bought a similar priced HDMI cable on Amazon not that long ago and I'd highly recommend that as the way to go too, cheapest option with no quality difference.

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Got one that I paid £5 for back in 2008, still going strong now ;)

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there is a minor difference, but it's just like how USB upgrades now and again, it doesn't really do much to quality, the only thing i'd say with a little bit deary one's from proper electrical shops there made better and that's what your paying for, there are different tiers in different hdmi cables.

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I bought a $1500 HDMI cable, but now I have no money for the HDTV or PS4.

I'm saving up again, but at least I got the most expensive piece of equipment out of the way, the HDMI cable.

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@SolidTy: can I borrow it, until u have a ps4 ; )

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@crewe8 said:

@SolidTy: can I borrow it, until u have a ps4 ; )

I guess so, my new TV I just got won't need the HDMI. I just got a sweet black and white older TV from Grandpa and now I can get a PS4 and hook it in and check out the sweet graphics. I don't even care about color anyways since I'm color blind.

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I just bought 5 of the Amazon brand HDMI cables and they work fine.

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This is where I got my hdmi cable and it's a legit site, therotically you don't really need to spend a lot of money on it, I would say less than $15, and please do buy the HDMI cable from place like dorallama cuz it dies within 2 week (my own experience), is currently selling the newest version for hdmi 2.0, which is much faster and more stable in term of signal transmission..I hope that it helps !!