Having problems with my new PS3 HDD

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Hey all

So a few months ago I finally bought myself a brand new 1TB SATA HDD for my slim PS3, as well as a 1TB WB Passport external HDD to back everything up on.

I had to format the partition I made for my PS3 to FAT32, since that's the only format that PS3 reads, after which I backed up everything on my passport.

After everything was backed up, I installed my new HDD inside my PS3, only to have this weird error message telling me that I had to insert a memory device in my console that had the newest system version on it (ver. 4.55) My PS3 won't detect my external drive plugged in when I have the new HDD installed inside it for some reason, so I can't copy over all my backed up stuff onto my new HDD...

I am very confused as to why this happens, since my PS3's system data was backed up on my external drive since I used my PS3's system back-up utility which backed up everything I had on my console...

I have no idea why this happens to me, considering I watched several youtube videos that showed me how to upgrade my HDD step by step, and this issue never came up anywhere, I even bought the same HDD they recommended to me, and I did plenty of research just to make sure it's compatible with PS3.

Does anyone know a solution to this? Any help would be appreciated.

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Here's what I did.

  1. Format your external backup HDD and your new soon to be internal drive to Fat32 from a PC.
  2. Have an USB Pen drive. Go to PSN's website and download the latest firmware on to it. (place in a directory named "PS3/Update")
  3. Do the System backup to the external Drive option (this can take a whole day)
  4. Remove the internal HDD drive of the PS3 and install the replacement HDD drive.
  5. Let the PS3 reformat the drive. It will tell you to insert that pin drive that has the lastest firmware patch on it, so just stick it into the USB port.
  6. It'll do it's thing and eventually end up on the menu screen.
  7. Unplug the pen drive and plug in your external drive.
  8. Select the option to restore the HDD drive from the External Drive. (again, can take a whole day).
  9. And then it'll be done.

PS3 System update link

Instructions of how to install the update from a pen drive.

Basically, you make a directory called "PS3" and another directory inside that one called "Update" ("PS3/Update") and then put the update file inside the Update sub-directory. PS3 should find it then....